Fire Emblem Fates MyCastle Codes, Upgrades, Skills, Buildings and Resources

This guide will explain the MyCastle feature in Fire Emblem Fates and talks about buildings, managing resources, castle battles etc. 

MyCastle essentially serves the role of a player’s Base of Operations and a central hub for character interactions in Fire Emblem Fates. Players can visit this area in-between their story missions. While available in both, the castle is located on bountiful land in Hoshido and on desolate land in Nohr.

The following guide will explore everything related to MyCastle, including its working, Resources, Buildings and upgrades, skills, and MyCastle codes.

How Does MyCastle Work in Fire Emblem Fates?

Players in all the campaigns can access MyCastle, but depending on the playthrough, there are minor differences in the landscape and buildings.

The MyCastle area gives players free roam access and allows them to interact with the buildings, objects, and allies. Players can purchase and sell items, assemble their army, and participate in skirmishes with other players in this area.

Personal Assistant

If you head towards the far north side of MyCastle, you will come across your helper. Depending upon the female or male avatar, the helper will either be maid Felicia or butler Jakob.

You can speak with the helper to construct or level up buildings, shift buildings, change MyCastle’s terrain, exterior, music, change the helper, change castle layout, etc.

MyCastle Codes

When skill/unit hunting, be sure to remember these points:

For Farming

Examine the castle before entering. You can always leave before engaging in combat and then give feedback and send accessories. Another option is resetting the game every time you make an error, so the progress isn’t saved and no credit is given.

It is important to note that this method only works if you are disconnected from the internet, so try it before an update. Always remember to save your game.

You should give feedback and send a valuable accessory once you prefer a Castle since you don’t lose the accessory. Save the card for later use at the bulletin board plaza.

Einherjar can be saved in your logbook by locking it. If a player updates their Einherjar, yours would not be updated. In which you would need to re-recruit them.

Equipping the following skills with Midori is ideal for gold farming in a conquest:

  • Quixotic
  • Profiteer
  • Salvage Blow
  • Hoshidan Unity
  • Luck+4/Aptitude

For Making Skill Farms

Guest and Einherjar can be left out while making a skilled farm since they do not provide you with any skills and cannot be recruited. The Fastest way to complete Castles is to use a flier unit and movement support.

The ideal spot to place your resources in a skill farm castle should be to place the first one 7-10 units on the first turn and the second 14-17 units in. Additional resource tiles should be placed along the same line for another player to pick up.

Before uploading, put your defenses to the test. Putting auto-attacking defenses like puppets, golems, and Lilith out of the path is recommended. Make Dusk statues easily accessible to attack or remove them from the defense.

It is important to remember that you do not have any unit on the throne. It makes it extremely challenging for players to get skills while battling you, making the whole thing pointless. Keep your Castle path simple and uncomplicated.

To Get Multiple Units or Skills from One Castle

To acquire multiple skills from one castle, make a save file while on the battle screen. Then commence battle and collect the unit or skill. Make another save file at a different spot and use this spot for every single run. Do a soft reset and reload the save file you just made at the castle. Then battle again and save to an alternative (noncastle) spot. You can repeat the last 2 steps as many times as you want. Finally, access your logbook to buy all the skills or units you want.

MyCastle Upgrades

Dawn Armoury

Upgrade results in the availability of higher quality Hoshidan weapons for purchase.

Dusk Armoury

Upgrade results in the availability of higher quality Nohrian weapons for purchase.

Rod Store

Upgrade results in the availability of higher quality Hoshidan items and rods for purchase.

Staff Store

Upgrade results in the availability of higher quality Nohrian items and rods for purchase.


The upgrade enhances the strength of the weapon forgeable here.


The upgrade allows consecutive bets to be placed


You can hold a higher number of captives with each upgrade.

Lottery Shop

The upgrade allows the revival of better items.

Mess Hall

The upgrade allows you to cook with more ingredients and feed the entire party.

Accessory Shop

You can buy better equipment with each upgrade.

Einherjar Shop

Increases the amount of Outrealm cards purchasable

Lilith’s Temple

The upgrade allows Lilith to grow more.

Records Hall

You can listen to a greater number of songs with each upgrade.

Traveler’s Plaza

You come across more travelers via StreetPass increases.

Private Quarters

The upgrade allows you to interact with up to 7 companions.

Hot Spring

The upgrade allows you to bathe with up to 3 companions.


Increases the amount of offensive and defensive cover provided Castle battles.

Character Statues

Upgraded when each character gets 20, 50, and 100 kills, respectively. Stat boost provided by these statues increases with each upgrade.

MyCastle Skills

In FE: Fates, you can only have 1 castle uploaded at a time with 10 units at once. These units come with one skill already equipped, either purchased or learned.

You have 5 skills to inherit at a time. After Seizing, purchased skills are added to the logbook where you can buy the rest of the skills further. Seizing any Castle 10 times and recruiting a new person every time will allow you to possess all the skills.

Best skills for Royals and Example children are given below:


Replicate, Profiteer, Death Blow, Salvage Blow, Aptitude


Replicate, Renewal, Amaterasu, Foreign Princess, Aptitude


Replicate, Renewal, Countermagic, Bowbreaker, Tomefaire


Replicate, Lethality, Live to Serve, Tomebreaker, Inspiration


Replicate, Lifetaker, Swordbreaker, Bowbreaker, Axefaire


Replicate, Armored Blow, Luna, Quixotic, Lancefaire


Replicate, Inspiration, Lifetaker, Bowbreaker, Tomefaire


Replicate, Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Astra, Bowfaire


Replicate, Sol, Warding Blow, Axebreaker, Darting Blow


Replicate, Death Blow, Counter, Shove, Swordfaire

Example Child

Replicate, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Aptitude

The fifth skill for the children can be either Dragon Fang, Nobility, Draconic Hex, or Dragon Ward.

MyCastle Resources

Within MyCastle, you can acquire 2 different types of resources: one being mineral and the other one being a foodstuff.

Food items, weapons, and accessories can be crafted from these resources. There are 12 types of minerals and 10 types of foodstuff.

During the start, MyCastle has two gathering spots to acquire these resources: one for specific mineral types and one for specific foodstuff types.

These resources are often referred to as Local Specialties since gathering spots depend upon the choice of the campaign and current playthrough.

Players can collect resources of other players when visiting their MyCastle. There is a cooldown of 24 real-time hours; however, if a player manages to visit 30 MyCastles in less than a day, they are allowed to recollect the resources for an additional round.

These resources can be used to purchase Accessories from the shop or for gambling.

The Nohrian food resources include Milk, Steak, Wheat, Berries, and Cabbage, while the Hoshidan food includes Fish, Beans, Rice, Peaches, and Daikon.

Nohrian mineral resources include Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Emerald, and Topaz, while the Hoshidan minerals include Pearl, Coral, Lapis, Quartz, Jade, and Amber.

MyCastle Buildings

After acquiring MyCastle, you can build buildings as per your preference, place them on the grid, and do whatever you deem fit. Buildings, on the other hand, range from the armory to statues.

To construct a building, you will need Dragon Vein Points accumulated through battles, completing the story, visiting other castles, fighting StreetPass battles, etc.

DVPs are also required to upgrade buildings which can come in handy. Do note that each building requires 1 DVP to build and another 1 to upgrade.

Dawn Armoury

You can purchase Hoshidan weapons in this building.

Dusk Armoury

You can purchase Nohrian weapons in this building.

Rod Store

You can purchase Hoshidan items and rods in this building.

Staff Store

You can purchase Nohrian items and rods in this building.


The Smithy can fuse or merge two similar weapons into something more potent (not exceeding +7 in any case) with decreased cost. However, note that you cannot get weapons outside your current playthrough.

To forge, you will need 2x of the same weapon and a correct stone, which will be mentioned in the upper-right corner of the screen. Do note that you can use Ore Swap to get a stone you do not have by exchanging 5x of the available stones.

Last but not the least, you can also forge 2x of already forged weapons to make them even more potent.


The arena is another building that cannot be damaged during the Castle Battle and allows you to place bets on fights and obtain more resources.


Prison allows you to hold captured enemies for recruitment.

Lottery Shop

This building gives you the chance to win items for free.

Mess Hall

This is where you can feed your army to boost soldiers’ stats. The building can be upgraded to increase Hit for defenders. The following is a list of available flairs and effects:

  • Supersweet Flair – Luck
  • Bitter Flair – Speed
  • Sophisticated Flair – Magic and Skill
  • Passionate Flair – Magic and Resistance
  • Chosen-y Flair – Magic
  • Prickly Flair – Resistance
  • Saucy Flair – Strength
  • Reckless Flair – Defense and Magic
  • Salty Flair – Skill
  • Daring Flair – Strength

Accessory Shop

This building allows you to change the appearance and attributes using accessories

Einherjar Shop

This allows you to purchase Einherjar to acquire additional allies.

Lilith’s Temple

This building is present from the start and allows Lilith to grow more.

Records Hall

This building is present at the start and allows fortunes and ancient texts to be read.

Traveler’s Plaza

This building is present at the start; it allows you to come across more travelers via StreetPass.

Private Quarters

You can interact with companions in this building.

Hot Spring

While these buildings do not bring a stat boost for MyCastle, these can be used to strengthen your relationship with friendly characters.


Installations provide offensive and defensive cover during Castle battles.

Character Statues

Character statues are erected once that character gets 20+ kills. They help provide stat boosts.


The terrain is cosmetic and does not require any Dragon vein point points to build.

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