Fire Emblem Fates MyCastle Guide – Buildings, Resources, Castle Battles, Foods

MyCastle essentially serves the role of a player’s Base of Operations as well as a central hub for character interactions in Fire Emblem Fates. While available in both, the castle is located on bountiful land in Hoshido and on desolate land in Nohr.

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Fire Emblem Fates MyCastle

Within MyCastle, a player can switch to behind-the-shoulders perspective and is free to interact with different characters, buildings, and more. The guide will provide everything that you need to know about MyCastle in the game.


If you head towards the far north side of MyCastle, you will come across your helper. Depending upon female or male avatar, the helper will either be maid Felicia or butler Jakob.

You can speak with the helper in order to construct or level up buildings, shift buildings, change MyCastle’s terrain, exterior, music, changing the helper, changing castle layout, etc.


After acquiring MyCastle, you will be able to build buildings as per your preference, place them on the grid, and basically do whatever you deem fit. Buildings, on the other hand, range from armory to statues.

In order to build a building, you will need Dragon Vein Points which are accumulated through battles, completing story, visiting other castles, fighting StreetPass battles, etc.

DVPs are also required to upgrade buildings which can come in handy. Do note that each building requires 1 DVP to build and another 1 to upgrade.


Within MyCastle, you can acquire 2 different types of resources: one being mineral and the other one being foodstuff.

The resources are used to create food items, weapons, and accessories. In total, there are 12 types of minerals and 10 types of foodstuff.

During the start, MyCastle has two gathering spots to acquire these resources; one for specific mineral type and one for specific foodstuff type. These resources are often referred to as Local Specialties due to the fact that gathering spots depend upon the choice of campaign and current playthrough.

Lastly, you can use food to feed Lilith inside her temple or an army inside the Mess Hall. The Nohrian food includes Milk, Steak, Wheat, Berries, and Cabbage while the Hoshidan food includes Fish, Beans, Rice, Peaches, Daikon.

As for minerals; Nohrian minerals include Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Emerald, and Topaz while the Hoshidan minerals include Pearl, Coral, Lapis, Quartz, Jade, and Amber.


As mentioned earlier, you need a DVP in order to build a building. Most of the buildings in MyCastle can be upgraded to Level 3 to get added functionalities:

Prison allows you to hold captured enemies for recruitment. The building can be upgraded to increase Crit. for defenders.

Einherjar Shop
This basically allows you to purchase Einherjar to acquire additional allies. The building can be upgraded to increase Avo for defenders.

Accessory Shop
This building allows you to change the appearance and attributes using accessories. The building can be upgraded to increase Dodge for defenders.

Mess Hall
This is where you can feed your army to boost soldier’s stats. The building can be upgraded to increase Hit for defenders. The following is a list of available flairs and effects:

  • Supersweet Flair – Luck
  • Bitter Flair – Speed
  • Sophisticated Flair – Magic and Skill
  • Passionate Flair – Magic and Resistance
  • Chosen-y Flair – Magic
  • Prickly Flair – Resistance
  • Saucy Flair – Strength
  • Reckless Flair – Defense and Magic
  • Salty Flair – Skill
  • Daring Flair – Strength

Dragon God Shrine
Also commonly referred to as Lilith’s Temple; it allows you to feed Lilith and raise her in order to protect MyCastle and help you in battles. The building can be upgraded to increase Lilith’s level cap.

The Hosidan Dawn Dragon can actively heal your defenders by 10% each turn and the Nohrian Dusk Dragon can actively absorb 10% of invading army’s HP. It is a good idea to destroy these buildings as soon as possible during an invasion.

Staff Store
You can use this building in order to buy good quality staves. The building can be upgraded to increase the quality of the goods.

Lottery Shop
This building is immune to Castle Battles and can be further upgraded in order to include better prizes.

This building basically allows you to buy Nohrian and Hoshidan weapons. The building can be upgraded to increase the overall quality of the available goods.

Traveler’s Plaza
You can build and upgrade this structure in order to come across more travelers via StreetPass.

The Smithy is capable of fusing or merging two similar weapons into something more potent (not exceeding +7 in any case) with decreased cost. However, do note that you cannot get weapons that are outside your current playthrough.

In order to forge, you will not only need 2x of the same weapon, but also a correct stone which will be mentioned in the upper-right corner of the screen. Do note that you can use Ore Swap to get a stone you do not have by exchanging 5x of the available stones.

Last but not the least; you can also forge 2x of already forged weapons to make them even more potent.

Records Hall
You can build and upgrade this building in order to gain access to a wide variety of available music and lower the damage dealt to your defenders.

Arena is another building which cannot be damaged during the Castle Battle and allows you to place bets on fights and obtain more resources. You can also upgrade the building to place 3 consecutive bets at the same time.

Hot Spring
While these buildings do not bring stat boost for MyCastle, these can be used to strengthen your relationship with friendly characters. You can also upgrade these buildings in order to acquire more space.

At Level 1, the statues basically increase the subject’s one of the most important stats. At Level 2, they again enhance the stat and at Level 3; they enhance the subject’s boon stat.

Castle Battles

During your playthrough, MyCastle will get attacked by astral enemies. The optimal placement of the buildings comes into play when it comes to these Castle Battles as there is no telling from where the enemies will attack.

It is also important to note that a damaged building can be repaired after a Castle Battle is over, but you will lose any stat boost associated with the building for the current Castle Battle.

This is all we have on Fire Emblem Fates MyCastle guide. If there is something else you would like to know; let us know!

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