Fire Emblem Fates Builds List

A detailed guide that lists some of the best builds you can make for your characters in Fire Emblem Fates.

In Fire Emblem Fates, you will find a lot of different builds for all the playable characters. So, we have prepared a detailed builds guide for you, which covers all characters for Birthright and Conquest paths.

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Best Corrin Build

Corrin is an amazing character known for his speed in Fire Emblem Fates. If going to the Nohr, you should go with the magic and strength stats as there is no need to boost the speed.

You should get the most out of the dragonstones. In this best Corrin build, you should use Levin’s sword over the tomes.

Azura Builds

Build 1

Azura is a character with a high growth rate. She can perform quite well with any class in the Fire Emblem Fates. She is a little down on HP, so you can go with a class that can give her a little HP boost.

She has Stongstress growth that will boost her Skills, Luck, and speed. She has native defensive growth, so I don’t have to worry about this much. You can go with Azura to take out most of the enemies in Fire Emblem Fates.

Build 2

If you want to build her slightly offensively, you can choose Foreign Princess and combine it with Voice of Peace to give her an option to cripple enemies. In combination with this, give her Eastern Heart and the usual Sun God and Special Song.

Best Avatar Build

For the best Avatar builds in Fire Emblem Fates, we recommend you go with the Ninja class. You should pick the male gender to take the most out of this class.

Apart from this, the skills you will be using in this build are Rend haven, Lethality, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic, and Astra. These skills work very well for you if you have a character level 45 or above.

You can combine his skills for even better results.

Felicia Builds

Build 1

For Felicia, her default maid class is something that works very well. She will be using her Flame Shuriken to wreck anything physical. S

he also has high resistance and Tomebreaker, which makes her even better than the Kaze when dealing the damage.

Her default skill and stats will perform quite well against any mage. However, she is not a frontline warrior.

Build 2

Felicia struggles with mediocre growth rates, so building her as a Strategist support is viable. Give her abilities like Servant’s Joy, Battle Command, and Demoiselle.

In addition to this, you should also give her Kunaibreaker for some added protection, as well as Patient Assurance to give her enough firepower to add chip damage as a defensive unit.

Mage Builds

Build 1

Leo is a powerful character with excellent base stats so you can play him in several ways. The most conventional is as a pure mage due to his massive magic growth.

Combine the offensive and defensive powers of Vengeance and Lifetaker, and also use Bind to negate his lower skill and hit enemies with good avoid more regularly.

In addition, slap in Devilish Wind for some extra power, and he’ll be a devastating offensive character.

Build 2

While Leo does make a formidable mage, he also makes a fantastic mage killer. Make him a Dark Knight, and that’s what he’ll be.

Use abilities like Tomebreaker and Magic Seal, and combine them with Vengeance and Lifetaker. Bind is also useful against foes he has trouble hitting, though it’s better to opt for Devilish Wind for some extra power.

Velouria Build

Velouria is the worst version of her father, no matter what you do. But to make things a little interesting for you, we just devised a build to try.

You can make Camilla her mother, as doing that will give Velouria some strength, defense, and speed.

She can get Str +2, Rally Defense, and Savage Blow if Camilla is her mother to make the journey a little easier for you.

Mozu Build

To create an amazing build with Mozu, you must first level her up to level 10, so she can get the Underdog.

Once done, change her class to the Archer. Once she becomes an archer, you will be stunned by its results. She has a critical hit rate of 50 percent or even higher, which is best for any archer.

Dreadfighter Build

Dreadfighters are known for crushing the magical opponents in Fire Emblem Fates. You can combine its skills like Iron Will and Even Keel to make a unit that can deal with almost every type of situation.

Besides that, the Aggressor can be stacked with the faire skills for +12 damage to everyone.

The weapon you can use include daggers and shurikens, which are considered the best weapons in the game for debuffing enemy hits. If you get the Dread Fighter Seal, this becomes even deadlier.

Hana Build

Kazahana is an expert Trueblade, so keeping her such is recommended. Use abilities like Magic Counter and Swordfaire to increase her efficacy, tasking her as the finisher and anti-mage unit.

Vantage also works well. Of course, with all this, you should also seriously consider the likes of Renewal and Miracle to save her from disaster in case you place her in tight places. She’s a paper warrior, so you’ll need defense.

It’s difficult to build Hana in any other way. She doesn’t do too well as a Weapon Master, and her stats aren’t good enough to serve the role of the priestess. Using her as a high-risk, high-reward Trueblade is generally the best way.

Anna Builds

Build 1

Anna has multiple Builds available in Fire Emblem Fates, but she works best as a magic unit in Fire Emblem Fates. Once you get here, you should make her a Witch immediately. This will enhance her magic abilities.

She is considered the best-shining bow user in the entire game because of her magic abilities. So when playing with her, always go with a magic unit for her.

Build 2

The ever-present Anna works best as a Strategist or Adventurer in Fire Emblem Fates. Give her abilities like Pass and Locktouch if you want to steal. If not, give her Tomebreaker, Kunaibreaker, and Household Cure.

Take advantage of her huge luck and give her Easy Life and Extravagance. If you don’t want that, consider Copycat Puppet and Puppet Break instead. If you don’t wish to make a thief, consider support abilities like Servant’s Joy or Rally.

Camilla Build

Camilla is an all-around powerhouse, but the best way to play her is as a Wyvern Lord. Give her Swordbreaker to greatly increase her ability with axes, alongside Deadly Breath and Overbearing.

Give her an extra boost of defense with Lifetaker, which will make her an excellent mounted vanguard. Vengeance is also recommended, considering her high skill, though Cut-Through is a better option.

In addition to this, be sure to leave space for Bowbreaker as bowmen can be effective against wyvern riders.

Arthur Build

Arthur is a high-risk, high-reward, gambling character. His high speed and strength make him a formidable Brave Hero, but that’s the only class he can do well with.

His terrible Luck stats will make him a huge crit magnet, so you have to be smart about using him. Use a combination of abilities like Roundhouse, Sol, Luna, and Aegis.

Aegis, Sol, and Luna will have a good chance to activate at max skill. His skill is quite high, so Roundhouse will definitely help get those crits.

In addition to these skills, consider Diamondstrike as well, as it can be used quite effectively when playing defensively.

Rinkah Builds

Build 1

Rinkah offers several builds in Fire Emblem Fates, but one of the better ways to build her is as a tank unit. She has low HP and Strength, but her base class allows her decent enough growth to be survivable.

Her defense also helps in the matter. Skills like Counter and Ogre Strike work great, and you can add in Snake Venom for some extra crit, taking advantage of her high skill.

Build 2

Another way to play Rinkah is as a versatile damage-dealing tank. Make her a Shura to give a good defense boost, and then use the likes of Lethality to make her even more formidable.

Combine this with Ogre and Counter, and you’re good to go.

Nyx Build

Nyx is the definition of a glass cannon. She has devastating magical prowess but can die from a sneeze. Well, not really, but you get the idea. Because of her fragility, she only plays best as a Sorcerer.

Keep her at a distance and rain death upon enemies. Give her Kunaibreaker for some added protection, as well as Lucky Seven to make her harder to hit.

Lifetaker is also a good option, as it’ll keep her in good health. Consider Bowbreaker as well since ranged enemies will look to exploit her squishiness.

Aside from that, it’s all about offense, Malefic Aura works well if you want to up it a notch, as does Vengeance (though her low skill may not activate it often).

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