Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency: How To Unlock And Increase

The following guide will tell you how to unlock and increase your weapon proficiency levels in Fire Emblem Engage.

In Fire Emblem Engage, if you are interested in how your unit can adapt and grow in different classes then you should pay heed to weapon proficiency too. Fire Emblem Engage weapon proficiency determines which weapons are better suited for the Unit’s character to use as well.

Weapon Proficiency is factored into two aspects. These include that you can either “promote the Unit” or “change the Unit’s Class”, which in turn will increase the weapon proficiency for your desired Unit.

For that purpose, we have prepared a guide in which we will assist you with unlocking new Weapon Proficiencies for your units in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to increase your Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Proficiency level

If you want to increase the Weapon Proficiency in FE Engage then you should know that it is associated with Bond levels that go with Emblem Rings.

This means that in order to increase your unit’s weapon proficiency, then you definitely need to work on improving the bond level between the Unit and the Emblem.

A simple way to increase the bond level is by fighting with emblem rings engage to level up their bond and unlock new proficiencies. Only the main 12 emblems that you can unlock in the game will give you weapon proficiencies. Another way to unlock weapon proficiency is to equip an Emblem before going to a battle so that you can fight alongside them and unlock weapon proficiencies.

Each emblem can have multiple different weapon types that they can become proficient in as well. Apart from this, you can also resort to changing the “Class” for your Unit.

Doing so will lead to improving the Weapon level as your Unit can get more proficient and the results produced altogether will boost the weapon proficiency as well. Not all characters have the same initial proficiency, and they don’t increase their proficiency as others. So, choose the unit you want to increase your proficiency in and invest your time in.

However, keep in mind that the Bond rings will not give your character any weapon proficiencies, they will only boost your stats.

How to check your Weapon Proficiency level

“Bonding your Unit with the Emblem Ring” is an efficient way to check your Unit weapon proficiency. This will open the possibilities of weapon proficiencies as each of the Emblem Rings can offer you different types which your unit can adjust to as well.

You can also spend Bond fragments and take your time in the Arena to train your unit by engaging him with the Emblem.

In doing so, the Emblem can provide your unit with a “Bond effect” which can help you gain the proficiency your unit requires. This way you can also unlock the weapon proficiencies for them in Fire Emblem Engage.

Weapon Proficiency icons explained

Weapon proficiency is highlighted by any of these three icons in FE Engage.

Grey Dagger
In terms of Proficiency type if you see this icon it signifies that there is “No proficiency”. This means that the unit will not change into the specific class if it displays the Grey Dagger icon.

White Sword
In terms of Proficiency type if you see this icon it signifies that there is “Standard proficiency”. Your unit can obtain it from the Emblems and in doing so the unit can change class as well if it displays the White Sword icon.

Blue Axe
In terms of Proficiency type if you see this icon it signifies that there is “Innate proficiency”. This means that the bonus level for that weapon will be unlocked for your unit if it displays the Blue Axe icon.

Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Weapon Proficiencies

How to get Sword proficiency

EmblemBond Level

How to get Lance proficiency

EmblemBond Level

How to get Axe proficiency

EmblemBond Level

How to get Bow proficiency

Lucina 8

How to get Knife proficiency

EmblemBond Level
Leif 4
Micaiah 6

How to get Tome proficiency

EmblemBond Level
Celica 6
Micaiah 9

How to get Staff proficiency

EmblemBond Level
Leif 6
Micaiah 3

How to get Arts proficiency

EmblemBond Level
Byleth 6
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