How To Recruit All Companions In Fire Emblem Engage?

While playing through Fire Emblem Engage you'll find many characters that you'll automatically recruit while others can be missable.

Like the previous games in the franchise, one of your main goals in Fire Emblem Engage will be recruiting new characters to increase your allies for the final battle.

While some characters will automatically join your cause as you advance the storyline, many of the other characters, including Seadall, Saphir, Anna, Jean, and Jade, need to be manually recruited.

The following guide will tell you how recruitment works in Fire Emblem Engage. We’ll also tell you how to recruit unmissable characters.

Automatic (Unmissable) Recruitment In Fire Emblem Engage

Usually, recruiting new characters is simple and will not require further actions. Before a new character joins your team, you’ll initiate a dialogue sequence or cutscene with them.

The following characters will be automatically recruited once you complete certain story portions.

Prologue: The EmblemsAlear (Male or Female)
Chapter 1: Awake at LastVander
Chapter 2: Queen LumeraClanne and Framme
Chapter 3: HostilitiesAlfred, Boucheron, and Etie
Chapter 4: A Land in BloomCeline, Chloe, and Louis
Chapter 6: The Stolen RingYunaka
Chapter 7: Dark EmblemAlcryst, Lapis, and Citrinne
Chapter 8: The Kingdom of MightDiamant and Amber
Chapter 9: A Clash of ForcesJade
Chapter 11: RetreatIvy, Zelkov, and Kagetsu
Chapter 12: The SentinelsFogado, Pandreo, and Bunet
Chapter 13: Heroes of the OasisTimerra,  Merrin, and Panette
Chapter 14: The Battle for SolmHortensia
Chapter 16: Seashore TravelRosado and Goldmary
Chapter 21: The ReturnMauvier
Chapter 22: The Fell & the DivineVeyle

How to recruit missable characters?

Some characters will require some extra effort to recruit. You will be required to have a conversation with them as Alear. Most of these exceptions appear in the Paralogue missions that take place in between the main story Chapters.

These characters must be saved during these paralogue missions; otherwise, you will lose the option to have them as playable characters. We will now look at the exceptions and how you can recruit them to your squad.

How to recruit Jean?

You can play the Budding Talent Paralogue Mission if you want to recruit Jean to your squad. The mission can be started between the story’s Chapters 5 and 6.

Jean will join your squad during the battle sequence in this mission once he has a conversation with Alear. You can do so by using your Talk ability.

Jean comes with the Martial Monk class and the Personal Skill Expertise. These make him a useful addition to your squad as a Support unit. Once he levels up, the Expertise Personal Skill will allow him to get decent stat buffs.

How to recruit Anna?

You will have recognized Anna as a returning character of the Fire Emblem franchise. She appears in all but two previous games, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and Fire Emblem Gaiden.

If you want to recruit Anna to your squad, you can play the Mysterious Merchant Paralogue Mission. The mission can be started between Chapters 6 and 7 of the story.

Anna will be hiding inside a treasure chest during this mission. You must stay patient and wait for her to reveal herself before attempting to recruit her.

Anna will join your squad during the battle sequence in this mission once she has a conversation with Alear. You can do so by using your Talk ability.

Anna continues to be a deadly fighter in Fire Emblem, owing to her Axe Fighter class. She can be found as a Flea Market merchant should you want to purchase goods from her inside Somniel.

How to recruit Jade?

You only have one opportunity to add Jade to your squad. You can do so in the mission, A Clash of Forces, Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem Engage.

Use Diamant’s Talk Ability to start a conversation with her. After the dialogue sequence, she will be convinced to join your squad.

Jade is a brand-new character in the Fire Emblem franchise. Thanks to her Axe Armour class, she is an extremely versatile ally. You can use her as your battle squad’s solid attacker and defender.

How to recruit Seadall?

You only get one chance to recruit Seadall during Dancer in The Ruins, Chapter 15 of Fire Emblem Engage.

Seadall will agree to join your squad once Alear converses with him. His Dancer class gives him a unique position in your squad that you can utilize in battles.

How to recruit Lindon?

Lindon appears in Chapter 18: The Cold Voyage, where he is initially an enemy who can even be killed during the fight in this Chapter.

If you want Lindon to join your ranks, you must make sure that you have a conversation with him before the fight. Use Alear’s Talk ability to do so.

How to recruit Saphir?

Saphir is the last of the characters for recruitment to your squad in Fire Emblem Engage. You only get one chance to recruit Saphir during Dead Town, Chapter 19 of Fire Emblem Engage.

Use Alear’s Talk Ability to start a conversation with her. After the dialogue sequence, she will be convinced to join your squad.

Saphir will be a strong addition to your squad in the offensive role, as her Warrior class makes her a tough ally in battles.

How to recruit units?

Once a new character is recruited to your squad, they become a part of your roster. You can then choose to take them alongside you in different battles.

Some of these characters also become a romantic interest for the protagonist, which can be explored through dialogue.

The game provides an opportunity until chapter 23 to add a new character to your roster. You can also strengthen your bonds with existing members of your squad.

There are two ways characters are recruited in Fire Emblem Engage.

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