How To Get And Upgrade The Levin Sword In Fire Emblem Engage

The Levin Sword has become a mainstay in the Fire Emblem franchise and makes its triumphant return in Fire Emblem Engage. The Levin Sword is a versatile Lightning Sword that can be used to deliver melee and ranged attacks thanks to its varying range.  

It is among the strongest weapons you can acquire in Fire Emblem Engage, but its assertive strength is also matched by the difficulty to acquire it. 

Once you have a fully maxed-out Levin Sword you will truly be a force to reckon with, which is why our guide will show you how to get an upgrade Levin Sword in Fire Emblem Engage. 

How to get the Fire Emblem Engage Levin Sword 

In Fire Emblem Engage there are four different ways to obtain the Levin Sword:  

Finding the Levin Sword in Chapter 12 

The first way to acquire the Levin Sword is by simply playing the story and progressing to the 12th chapter. Whilst playing this chapter you will then need to venture to the southern end of the region to fight against the Corrupted Sword Master. 

Upon successfully defeating the Corrupted Sword Master you will receive the Levin Sword as a reward at the end of the battle. 

Buying the Levin Sword at the Somniel Armory 

If you missed the chance to acquire the Levin Sword during Chapter 12 of Fire Emblem Engage, no need to worry as you will soon be able to buy your very own Levin Sword at the Somniel Armory. 

The option will make you wait for a little though as you’ll have completed the story even further until chapter 15. 

The endeavor isn’t cheap by any means and will set you back financially by 3,000 gold to buy the Levin Sword in Fire Emblem Engage. 

This is no small amount, so you’ll need to save up on your gold reserves. 

Obtaining the Levin Sword as a drop 

The Levin Sword can also be obtained as a drop item from enemy units. When fighting battles and skirmishes you can specifically target enemies that have a green item icon hovering over them. 

These opponents have a chance to drop a random valuable item when they have been defeated. The chance to obtain such items is random and you have to rely on RNG to acquire the Levin Sword using this method. 

Of course, you can always get lucky and find a Levin Sword this way but in the interest of time, it’s probably best to purchase it. 

By upgrading a Steel Sword 

Another way to acquire the Levin Sword is by upgrading a simple steel sword enough times. You need to do so about 7 times to finally obtain the Levin Sword, however, the method is not recommended. 

The process is ridiculously resource intensive and will set you back in terms of materials. You may use this method if you have already upgraded a steel sword previously and have it in use. Otherwise, there are better ways to get the Levin Sword. 

How to upgrade the Levin Sword in Fire Emblem Engage 

The Levin Sword is a Lightning Sword that boasts excellent Stats and varying ranges. These qualities make a strong case for it to be considered one of the best weapons in the game.

It is an excellent addition to your arsenal and can serve you well in your adventure. You will find the stats of the base Levin Sword below. 

Levin Sword Stats 

Mt 13 
Hit 85 
Wt 11 
Rng 1-2 

You level up the Levin Sword in Fire Emblem Engage by collecting the required materials and Gold need to complete the upgrade. You will find the material requirements for upgrading the Levin Sword below: 

Upgrade Level Stats Boost Cost and Material Requirements 
Levin Sword +1 Might: +1 Hit: +5 500 Gold 30 Iron 
Levin Sword +2 Might: +2 Hit: +5 1500 Gold 80 Iron 3 Steel 
Levin Sword +3 Might: +3 Hit: +5 3000 Gold 150 Iron 8 Steel 
Levin Sword +4 Might: +4 Hit: +5 5000 Gold 150 Iron 15 Steel 2 Silver 
Levin Sword +5 Might: +5 Hit: +10 7500 Gold 150 Iron 50 Steel 5 Silver 

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