How To Forge And Upgrade Weapons In Fire Emblem Engage

The following guide will tell you where to find the Smithy to forge weapons and improve their stats in Fire Emblem Engage.

Similar to the past installments in the franchise, Fire Emblem Engage allows you to forge your weapons to make them stronger. Do note that Fire Emblem Engage forging is not just creating new weapons in the game. You have to go to an actual forge where your weapons can be improved with better stats and damage as long as you have the required number of crafting materials and gold to spend.

The following guide will tell you more about how to get to the forge and how to improve your weapons in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to unlock smithy

It is not so hard unlocking smithy and doesn’t have to wait for long to unlock her. You just need to complete chapter 5 of Fire Emblem Engage. As you are done, you will smithy (blacksmith) and some other shops like a boutique, etc.

She will help you forge the weapons so you can have an upper hand when fighting enemies. To forge and upgrade your weapons, just head over to the Somniel (plaza) where you will see meet her in the shop.

She will then ask for your weapon and upgrade it however you like.

How to forge weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

You know everything comes for a price, so you will need to pay her for the upgrade. Every weapon that needs to be refined or upgraded requires a blend of resources like iron, silver, steel, and gold coins. These resources are not so hard to find, winning battles rewards you with steel, iron, and silver.

For gold coins, you need to take a break from the main story and complete side missions (Skirmishes). Completing these side missions will reward you EXP and some gold coins.

Considering you have all the resources mentioned above, head over to the smithy in the plaza. After giving you instructions, she will give you three options (Refine, Engrave, and Exchange). You only need to go for refining option as others are for boosting your weapon’s stats for the cost of other stats and exchanging useless resources for steel, iron, or silver respectively.

Now that you have selected refine option, select the weapons that you want to upgrade. After selecting the weapon, now choose what level you want to upgrade your weapon too.

Upgrading your weapon to level 1 may cost a few ingots of steel, iron, or silver and some gold coins. But this is not the case for every level, the cost depends upon the weapon and level of upgrade. You must hunt for the resources first, and then upgrade the weapon to your choice.

Upgraded weapons are worth the patience to collect the resources. Even a regular sword with some upgrades can be made into a deadly weapon.

Best weapons to forge

From so many weapons in the Fire Emblem Engage, you must wisely choose what weapons you want to invest your resources at. To help you in this choice we have listed some of the weapons that you should consider refining to improve them in FE Engage.

For knives, you should invest your precious resources to upgrade Carnwenhan, Peshkatz, and Cinquedea. As for the swords, you should upgrade Georgios and Caladbolg to use their full potential. For the Lances and bows, you should refine Venomous and Ukonvasara respectively.

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