How To Forge Weapons In Fire Emblem Engage

Similar to the past installments in the franchise, Fire Emblem Engage allows you to forge your weapons to make them stronger.

Do note that forging is not just creating new weapons in the game. You have to go to an actual forge where your weapons can be improved with better stats and damage as long as you have the required number of crafting materials and gold to spend.

The following guide will tell you more about how to get to the forge and how to improve your weapons in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to strengthen your weapons

The process of forging weapons begins with the Smithy who is pretty easy to find in the game. Just make your way to the Plaza or the main Somniel entrance to find the Smithy.

Interacting with the Smithy will give you access to the forge menu with the following three options:

  • Evolution
  • Arms Engraving Coating
  • Material Exchange   

Select Evolution from the list of options. You will then get a list of all weapons such as:

  • Silver swords
  • Steel swords
  • Iron swords

The same variation of the weapon may appear twice belonging to different characters. Select the weapon you want to forge from the menu.

The next menu consists of all the states the weapon can be forged in along with the list of materials required to forge them.

For example, it costs 30x Iron Crystals and 300 Gold to upgrade the Iron Sword from +1 to +2. Similarly, the cost to upgrade will gradually increase for stronger forges, such as, it costs 390x Iron Crystals and 2700 Gold to upgrade it to +5.

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