Fire Emblem Engage Character Tier List

Fire Emblem Engage offers a wide variety of characters that you can fight with. There are a total of 36 different characters you can choose from. You will already have some of them unlocked from the start, i.e. in the prologue, but will unlock the rest gradually as you progress through the game.

Every single character is different in nature. Their stats, weapon proficiency, starting classes, abilities, and hence their fighting style will vary greatly. That said, it is very difficult to determine the best characters in Fire Emblem Engage.

With the wide variety of characters available, it may get difficult for players to rank each character in the game. Hence, in this guide, we’ll take a look at a ranked breakdown of some of the best characters in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage character tier list

SAlear, Diamant, Kagetsu, Ivy, Hortensia, Seadall, Veyle
AAnna, Alfred, Chloe, Alcryst, Lindon, Fogado, Panette, Zelkov, Mauvier
BCeline, Louis, Yunaka, Jade, Pandreo, Goldmary, Rosado, Jean, Merrin, Timerra, Lapis, Saphir
CVander, Clanne, Citrinne, Bunet, Framme, Amber, Boucheron, Etie

Best Fire Emblem Engage S Tier Units

S-Tier Characters are some of the best in the game. Some of these characters will unlock fairly early in the game like Alear, but will be extremely useful even in the long run. For others, you’ll have to wait a bit to get them.

This can be a subjective list as it may vary depending on the different playstyles of different players. However, the ones mentioned in this list are an absolute must-have. Not only do they have the best individual stats but also pair incredibly well with other characters.

Some of the best characters in this list include Alear, Diamant, and Ivy. If being a successor to the Divine Dragon isn’t enough, then know that Alear is not only sufficient in battle on his own, but also has abilities to support the team, like Divinely.

Diamant is a tank with high amounts of HP and excellent Defense scaling. Moreover, with the exclusive Successor Class, he gains abilities like Wrath that further complement his fighting capabilities.

Ivy is an excellent character equipped with the Lindwurm unique Advanced Class. This means that the stronger the other magic users are, the better she fights against them. Moreover, Ivy also has outstanding mobility.

Hortensia works in a similar way as Ivy with the help of her superb mobility and magic stats. Seadall is a phenomenal support character because he allows his teammates to attack twice rapidly.

Best Fire Emblem Engage A Tier Units

A-Tier characters may be a bar below the S-Tier, but they can still be highly efficient characters if used the right way. Alfred is a tank with a high HP topped up with high Defensive stats, making him very efficient on his own.

Chloe is an extremely mobile character that has excellent Magic, strength, and speed growth. As a Lance Flier, she can perform quick and hasty attacks that can be very effective in battle.

Mauvier can also work in a similar fashion to Alfred and Chloe with his high mobility, being a Cavalry unit. If you’re looking for some characters with range, then Alcryst and Fogado can do the job with their proficiency in bows.

Best Fire Emblem Engage B Tier Units

B-Tier units, on average, can prove useful in battle if used properly with the right builds but can be substituted with a higher-tier counterpart that does the same job.

Jade starts off with the Axe Armorer base class, and has excellent stats in HP and Strength. However, Diamant can perform the same job as her, but in a better way.

Similarly, Celine starts off with the Noble class and is very proficient in Magic. Even though she has an excellent Magic growth rate, Ivy still surpasses her in playing the same role.

Best Fire Emblem Engage C Tier Units

The C-Tier characters may not be as good as the tiers above them, but still have considerable utility in what they do. These units can prove to be really good depending on the situation. Most of the C-Tier characters, like Vander and Clanne, are great characters to play with – if you’re going through the early stages of the game.

This is because they’re unlocked fairly early and will be among the best of the few at the time. In the long run, however, you obtain better counterparts to these characters – characters that have better growth rates and are more efficient in fulfilling their role in battle.

Citrinne, for example, is a perfect character to use if you want a good Mage in your roster. However, later on, you might get Ivy, who is more suited to that role.

They are better utilized alongside higher-tier characters that allow them to reach their full potential.