Fire Emblem Echoes Best Classes For Villagers

This guide talks about the different classes in Fire Emblem Echoes that are best suited for villagers in the game.

Class promotion is very uncomplicated in Fire Emblem Echoes compared to previous installments. This, however, isn’t the case with the Villagers, who can be promoted to any of the 5 base classes for men and 4 base classes for women. Certain classes in Fire Emblem Echoes are best suited for villagers.

Four villagers: Gray, Tobin, Faye, and Kliff, can be recruited through Alm’s storyline, while Celica recruits Atlas. Each villager has unique base stats and different strengths, so determining a proper role for them will maximize level-up bonuses.

Fire Emblem Echoes Best Classes for Each Character

The classes for men include Solider, Mercenary, Mage, Archer, and Cavalier. Faye is the only female villager who can be promoted to Cavalier, Mage, Pegasus Knight, and Cleric classes. Some classes in Fire Emblem Echoes are best suited for Villagers, and choosing accordingly will improve your all-around strategy.

Gray Best Classes

Gray significantly improves attack, Skill, and speed with progression in the game. Therefore, the class best suited to him is:


 His high attack will help him easily wipe out enemies as the game progresses. He can also serve as a sufficient anti-magic unit after promotion to Dread Fighter. The Mercenary class helps patch up his weaker stats which are his speed and Skill.


Gray can also become a decent enough cavalier, but it doesn’t patch up his worse-off stats like the mercenary class. You can still get decent improvement in movement range. You also recruit an arguably better Cavalier in Mathilda later, so choosing this class may be a bit redundant.


Solider class is another viable option as soldiers do not require high speed. Choosing this class will also improve defense if you need another defensive unit. As the game goes on, you will recruit stronger Knights in Lukas and Forsyth, so it probably isn’t the best option.

Tobin Best Classes

Tobin has significantly improved Skills and has sufficient development in Luck and Attack. So, the classes he would be best suited to would be:


The Mage class significantly boosts critical attack rate and damage, and this, combined with Tobin’s useful spell list and quick access to Excalibur at level 6, make him a devasting early-game mage unit


Tobin does best as an archer because of his great skill growth and decent strength, so he will provide consistent chip damage. He will also have higher accuracy with bows with lower hit rates. His Luck is greater than the other villagers increasing the chances of him critting more.

Faye Best Classes

She is a well-rounded and balanced unit in the game, and she has two classes available to her that the male villagers do not, both of which are the ones best suited to her:


This would be the most preferred class for her as, for most of Alm’s storyline, you only have one healer at your disposal. The Skill learned by her called Physic is essential as it allows her to heal from a distance. She can easily stand her ground and level up with her well-rounded stats.

Pegasus Knight

This class allows her to gain balanced stat upgrades while leveling. She also learns the Banish skill, making her more potent against Terrors. Although Clair is a better Pegasus Knight than her in almost every way, Faye can still provide sufficient backup.

Kliff Best Classes

Kliff is the most well-rounded among all the other villagers. He receives a significant upgrade in speed as he levels up. Considering that the best classes for him would be:


As a Mage, Kliff has access to every spell in the game, although some a bit later. He learns Excalibur at level 9 compared to Tobin, who learns it at level 6; if you are willing to persevere and invest time, he can certainly be a top mage in the game.


As an archer, Kliff struggles to double in chapter 1; however, his later game performance as an archer is excellent. You can use Forges to compensate for any strength issues, and his speed is already sufficient, so the chip damage he provided will be excellent.

Atlas Best Classes

Atlas boasts a high Attack stat while suffering from lower Speed and Resistance. So, the most suitable classes for him are:


In the Archer class, Atlas can compensate for his lower speed by learning the Skill Hunter’s Volley, which doubles his attack in battle. He also has an advantage against flying targets like Gargoyles as he receives a useful damage boost.


As a Cavalier, Atlas’ high attack only improves as he levels up and is equipped with stronger weapons. Applying a move boost is suitable as there are no other Cavaliers in Act 3 of Celica’s storyline.


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