How to Defeat Jedah in Fire Emblem Echoes

Learn How to Defeat Jedah in Fire Emblem Echoes as you fight him twice, once during Act 4 and one in Act 5 by studying his movesets.

You’ll be fighting Jedah twice in Fire Emblem Echoes. Once in Act 4 as Cecilia and once in Act 5. In addition to having strong stats and equipment, Jeddah can also neutralize attacks that are not delivered from a distance of at least five spaces. This guide will teach you all about his moveset and provide tips on defeating him.

Fire Emblem Echoes Jedah Boss Battle Tips

In Act 4, Jedah, a frightening tentacled Beholder impersonator who loves to summon Mogalls, is extremely strong and has high defense.

However, one of the first things you need to know about Jedah in Shadows of Valentia is its invincibility during the Duma’s Protection. During this sequence, try to have all eight characters hit it to deal some damage.

 He’ll approach you himself around Turn four, gaining 10 HP per Turn and negating the first three skirmishes you initiate with him. To counter it, try to do more damage than the boss’s HP regeneration.

There is a way to make this first fight with Jedah less tedious if that all sounds like a chore to you. If you upgrade Atlas to a sniper, you can utilize a long-range archer like Leon to take out Jedah in the opening Turn before Atlas attacks him as he advances on you.

The Hunter’s Volley talent, which supposedly deals a ton of damage to Jedah and quickly takes him out, maybe equipped on Atlas if you have a Killer Bow.

Another important thing about this boss battle is that Jedah can activate Grudge to counter ranged attackers from two tiles away. If you have the Bow Knights, you should not have difficulty dishing out constant damage.

As Alm, try to use the Regal Sword and have allies to boost the Critical Strike chance and for consistent healing. Alternatively, you can also use the Triangle Attack skill but note that it is exclusive to the Pegasus Sisters.

Second Encounter

He won’t play as nicely the second time you battle him in Act 5 as in Act 4. If you’re having trouble with him here, it is recommended that you dogpile as many characters as you can onto him to counteract his HP regeneration.

Using the Pegasus Sisters’ potent Triangle Attack, equipping Alm with the Regal Sword, positioning him close to teammates who will increase his critical chance, or purchasing some Bow Knights to inflict steady damage are all highly advised in this situation.

Jedah should soon fall asleep in the dirt if you keep doing damage while healing your units. In the last chapter, defeating him also destroys any of his Mogalls, making the game much easier.

Jedah Moveset

Now that we have the basic strategies out of the way, let us talk about Jedah’s attacks:

  • Death – A black magic with the following attributes: Rng 1~3, Mt 14, Hit 70, and Wt 9.
  • Messiah – Monsters Fight for Jedah
  • Recovery Effect – Replenish +5 HP every Turn
  • Physical Summon – Replenish +5 HP every Turn
  • Grudge – Deals a Counter Irrespective of its Range
  • Immune Status – Gain Immunity to all Status Ailments
  • Agreement – No HP Consumption while Casting Magic
  • Duma’s Protection – Prevents Enemies from Performing a Counter
  • Conjure An enemy-only white magic spell that summons monsters to fight for Jedah’s side.
  • Animus Ring – Ring that amplifies grudges and extends the range of black magic.

Keeping these tips and strategies in mind, I hope you have an easy time going against Jedah in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


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