Fire Emblem Echoes Class Change Guide

In Fire Emblem Echoes, the characters are organized according to their classes. Each class has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The method to change your class in Fire Emblem Echoes is much simpler than its previous versions; therefore, it can be mastered with a little guidance.

This article is a perfect source in this regard, for it covers all the basic and essential details about the class system in the game, such as how to change class, a comprehensive class chart, and the recommended promotions.

How to Change Class in Fire Emblem Echoes

Before changing the class of a unit in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, keep in mind that changing a unit’s class will revert the class level of your unit to the lowest possible level of the new class. Keeping this in mind, I recommend maxing out the original class’s level before jumping to another class.

The class can be changed by talking to the Mila idol in caves or dungeons; however, the path is crowded with enemies. They must be defeated to reach the servant.

Class Change Chart

The villager can be trained up to level 10 to change into the dread fighter.

The classes mentioned in the image above are specific to Alm and Celica.

Recommended Job Classes for Class Change

For Alm, try Gray Mercenary, Tobin Archer, Kliff Mage, & Faye Cleric. Faye acquires Physic & Rescue early, which are good support skills. Alternatively, you can go with Archer Gray, Tobin Mage, Mercenary Tobin, Archer Kliff, and Mercenary Kliff. As for Celica, Mercenary or Archer is the way for Atlas.

You need to try to promote Villagers at Level 10. The only exception is Cleric Faye, whom you can promote earlier if you feel like doing so. Again, this is only a suggestion & you can promote them whenever you see fit. Another thing you need to pay some attention to is the Villager’s Fork.

The Villager’s Fork is a DLC that re-classes any character except Alm/Celica to a Level 1 Villager. Using the Villager’s Fork, all your stats remain intact except for movement, which remains fixed at 4.

This should allow you to remain strong but earn XP faster and further enhance your stats. I recommend using the Villager’s Fork on your favorite characters or units that show exceptional growth potential & high stats.

All the promotions in the game take place at a Mila Statue when a unit reaches a certain level. You will receive a notification and a statue icon near a unit’s name. During the promotion, any stat not at/above the base stat of the class you are promoting them to except RES.

For instance, let us assume that your Unit-A has 15 SPD & Unit-B has 20 SPD with you promoting them to Dread Fighter, which has a base SPD of 18. In this case, Unit-A will receive +3 SPD, but Unit-B’s SPD will remain at 20.

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