Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Classes For Every Character

This guide will cover the best classes for every character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so you can enjoy the game to its fullest potential.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will find different student houses and a lot of characters. But classes are not limited either, and you get a lot to choose from. This guide will cover the best classes for every character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so you can focus on the game rather than experimenting with different classes.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Best Class For Byleth Eisner

The best class for Byleth is Enlightened One. It is a class specifically designed for the Byleth as a sword user. It has amazing abilities like the Sacred Power, which boost the attack and reduce the damage for you and your allies. You can combine it with the healing spell to make the most out of this.

Best Classes For Black Eagles

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The best class for Edelgard is Empress. You can first turn her into a lord to boost their authority skills. After that, you can turn her into an Empress to increase the overall stats of Edelgard. Because of these abilities, she can take down a group of enemies single-handed without any support.


The best class for Hubert is Dark knight. We choose this class because it will increase his mobility and help him take out enemies quickly using his high dark magic.


The best class for Ferdinand is Paladin. We choose paladin because Ferdinand needs a riding class like that for using the gambits. This class will help Ferdinand and their allies get out of the battles.


The best class for Linhardt is Bishop. The reason for choosing Bishop is it allows him to use white magic.

Other classes don’t suit him much, and if you want a productive role and use him in your battles, you should choose the Bishop class for him.


The best class for Caspar is War Master. As we all know, Casper loves using axes and gauntlets, and when you choose War master class for him, he becomes even deadlier. This class helps him reach the targets quickly and deal some good damage.


The best class for Bernadetta is Bow Knight. Giving Bernadetta the bow knight class will make her an amazing archer. You can even make her guard the entry points so she stays damaged, and you can use her abilities to the full extent.


The best class for Dorothea is Gremory. The reason behind that is, as we all know, Dorothea’s main power is her magic attacks.

If you choose the Gremory class, she will learn new high-damage dealing magic attacks. These attacks will help you if you don’t have a dedicated unit for tackling magic attacks.


The best class for Petra is Assassin. If you make her an assassin, she will utilize her abilities like speed and affinity for bows and swords to take out enemies easily. Her passive abilities will also be energized if you choose the Assassin class for her.

Best Classes For Blue Lions

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The best class for Dimitri is Great Lord. The reason for choosing this class for him is this it will boost his stats and make him a killing machine in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


The best class for Dedue is Fortress. As we all know, Dedue has some amazing defense stats, and if you combine it with the Fortress class, you can make him the line of defense.

Dedue can block the physical damage from all the enemies during the battles and encounters and serve as your shield if you go with the fortress class.


The best class for Felix is Sword Master. Felix is a swordsman already, so it is great to give a boost to their abilities by turning him into a Sword Master.


The best class for Ashe is Bow Knight. This class is really good for Ashe as he has high dexterity and luck, increasing the chances of critical hits to the enemies. The Bow Knight class will allow him to attack enemies where ever they are.


The best class for Sylvain is Great knight. The reason behind turning him into a Great Knight is his relic Lance of Ruin. The Lancefair ability, when combined with his ability, will make him a natural choice for you.

You can go with the Wyvern if you plan to make him an axe-based character.


The best class for Mercedes is Bishop. Mercedes is a natural healer, and turning him into a Bishop will allow her to learn to fortify spells that can be sued for healing your team. If you use this class, your team will never die again.


The best class for Ingrid is Falcon Knight. As you know, Ingrid has an affinity for lance and flying skills, and Falcon knight will greatly boost these abilities.


The best class for Annette is Warlock. As we know, Annette has an affinity for a reason, so turning her into the Warlock would be the ideal choice for you.

Best Classes For Golden Deers

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The best class for Claude is Barbarossa. The reason behind choosing this class is you have no better option than that. It is a flying class that uses a bow to take out enemies.

This will make Claude take out the enemy’s house leader.


The best class for Lorenz is Dark Knight. If you turn Lorenz into Dark Knight class, it will make use of his lance skill for taking out enemies quickly.


The best class for Raphael is War Master. As you know, Raphael has high strength and hp growth, and if you turn him into the War Master class, he will get the big HP pool.

More HP means you can use heavy weapons like gauntlets and axes and take out enemies without much trouble.


The best class for Ignatz is Assassin. Ignatz has expertise in bows and swords, so if you make him an assassin, he will become a deadly character.

He also has reasonability, which will help you make enemies weaker and take them out.


The best class for Lysithea is Dancer of Gremory. She is already a mage class, so you should turn her into a Gremory. Her dark magic abilities can take out enemies in a single hit.

You can also turn her into a dancer to get the +2 movement as her movement speed is a little low.


The best class for Marianne is Holy Knight or Dancer. Both the classes work in different ways.

If you choose Holy knight, you can take advantage of her offensive abilities. She will work as a defensive unit with sword abilities if you go for the dancer class.


The best class for Hilda is Wyvern Lord. She has the best strength stats in the game, and choosing the Wyvern Lord class for her will make her advance towards the enemies and take them out.

She can defeat any enemy without trouble if you turn her into the Wyvern Lord.


The best class for Leonie is Bow knight. The Bow Knight class will increase her mobility which will increase her passive skills as well. She will get bonus damage if you turn her into the Bow Knight.

Give her some killer weapon and place her close to the male units to get the most benefit from her.

Best Classes For Church of Seiros

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The best class for Seteth is Wyvern Lord. As we know, Seteth likes to use an axe and fly, and Wyvern Lord will serve both purposes pretty well.


The best class for Flayn is Dancer. You can turn her into a support unit if you choose the dancer class for her. Other classes don’t perform well, so the dancer class is your only good option.


The best class for Hanneman is Warlock. This class allows him to utilize his magic ability and attack enemies. It turns Hanneman into an offensive class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so we will recommend you to use this class for Hanneman.


The best class for Manuela is Bishop. The reason behind turning her into a Bishop is her protective faith abilities. These faith abilities came out quite well with Bishop’s class.


The best class for Gilbert is Fortress Knight. The Fortress Knight class will boost his defense ability, and you can use him as a frontline unit in FE: Three Houses.


The best class for Alois is War Master. The War master class will boost the offense and defense stats of the Alois and make him one of the best frontline in the game.


The best class for Catherine is Sword Master. Turning her into a sword master can utilize her as a tanky unit with -5 damage reduction. Don’t assign her to battalions; instead, use her as a tanky class.


The best class for Shamir is Bow Knight. The reason behind that choice is pretty simple. Bow Knight will boost the lance, and she already excels in them, so there is no better option than this.


The best class for Cyril is Wyvern Lord. This class will give a boost to the natural affinities of Cyril. Equip him with an axe, which will give his best in FE: Three Houses.


The best class for Anna is Assassin or Trickster. The reason behind choosing Assassin is she is good at using swords and reason. But she also has high luck, so turning her into a Trickster wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Best Classes For Ashen Wolves in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (DLC)

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The best class for Yuri is Trickster. The reason behind picking Trickster is its combat art.

You can give a boost to this by using the Fetters of Dromi. This also allows you to use his sword abilities and defeat enemies by rushing toward them.


The best class for Balthus is War Master or War Monk. Stay with his original War monk class if you don’t want to use his grappling and high-strength skills.

You must choose the War master class for Balthus to use high-strength skills and grappling.


The best class for Constance is Dark Flier. Choosing the Dark Flier class is to give you black magic character flying stats for better output.

With this class, you can keep her behind, and she will use her long-range attacks from there as snipers always try to take her out first.


The best class for Hapi is Dark Knight or Valkyrie. You can choose any of these classes as both bills boost Hapi canto’s ability to pick on enemies and move to a safe place. You can utilize her long-range magic spells even better if you go with any of these classes.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Class Tier and Skill/Ability list

Now that you have an understanding of what class works best for each character, next we’ll go over all the different skills each class offers in addition to how they rank overall. Each class will be placed in either of the following tiers; S, A, B and C, with S being the best and C being the worst.

Bow Knight (Master Class)BowfaireCantoBowrange (+2)S
Wyvern RiderCantoAxefaire
BishopTerrain Resistance White Magic Heal (+10)White Magic Uses (x2)
SniperBowfaireBowrange (+1)
Wyvern Lord (Master Class)Avo (+10)AxefaireCanto
Gremory (Master Class)Black Magic Uses (x2)White Magic Uses (x2)Dark Magic Uses (x2)A
PaladinTerrain ResistanceCantoLancefaire
SwordmasterSword Critical (+10)Swordfaire
War Master (Master Class)AxefaireCritical (+20)Fistfaire
WarlockBlack Magic Uses (x2)Black Tomefaire
Falcon Knight (Master Class)LancefireCantoAvo (+10)
WarriorAxe Critical (+10)AxefaireB
GrapplerUnarmed CombatFistfaire
Dark Knight (Master Class)CantoDark TomefaireBlack Tomefaire
Great Knight (Master Class)LancefaireAxefaireCanto
Holy Knight (Master Class)White TomefaireTerrian ResistanceCanto
Fortress KnightWeight (-5)AxefaireC
Mortal Savant (Master Class)SwordfaireBlack Tomfaire

Best Classes for Maddening Run

Maddening is the hardest difficultly level in Fire Emblem: It bumps the enemy resilience and damage beyond the classic mode making the combat drastically difficult. You can make use of the following classes and consequently, the characters to use when attempting a run with this difficulty.

Wyvern LordHilda, Seteth, Cyril
GremoryDorothea, Mercedes, Lysithea
Great LordDimitri
War MasterAlois, Caspar, Balthus
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