Final Fantasy XV Visual Quality, Dark and Beautiful Dungeons Being Worked on Right Now

The official blog of Final Fantasy XV was launched a couple of days ago and now it is being used to share more details about the game. For instance, Square Enix is talking about the different teams working on the game and the things they are currently developing.

One of those is the environment team which is internally called ENV. Some of the details regarding the work of these guys was shared by Environment Artist Hiromitsu Sasaki.

Firstly, Sasaki-san says that he is currently working to churn out some “unforgettable” dungeons, after which it was revealed that the dungeons in Final Fantasy XV in general are going to be a deliberate mix of darkness and beauty.

The word scary was used to outline the kind of dungeons that are being created right now which is primarily the reason why Sasaki thinks that the dungeons will be unforgettable this time around.

Moving on, right now the environment team says that they are knee deep in upping the game’s general the visual quality with special attention being given to elements like ground smoothness, light balancing and shadows.

Some more details were also shared by the developers for instance, a large majority of the battles are going to be on flat ground although some fights on sloped surface are also going to be possible.

Last but not the least, it has been revealed that instead of focusing on enemy behavior control, they have prioritized gameplay comfort to give us a better overall quality in Final Fantasy XV.

Source: Square Enix.

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