Final Fantasy XV Professor’s Protege Quest Guide – Frogs Locations, Wyvern Wing, Myrlwood Firefly, Griffon Feather

Final Fantasy XV Professor’s Protege quest guide will help you complete this challenge. In order to trigger this quest, you need to go to Coernix Station in Duscae and speak with the woman on the table.

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Final Fantasy XV Professor’s Protege Quest

Reward: XP, Pendants

Objective: Collect Sample for Sania

Red Frogs
Sania needs 5 red frogs from Alstor Slough, you need to head south to the lake from the location where you meet her. Go to the lake during the night time for the best chance of finding these frogs. Use the mini-map to track the red frogs. Come back to Sania to get 3000XP and Star Pendent.

Yellow Frogs
The next time you see Sania it will be near the Causcherry Plains, she will need yellow frogs that time around. Head to Kettier Highland lake to capture 5 yellow frogs for Sania. Once again, use the mini-map for help and we recommend going in during the day. Come back to Sania to get 3000XP and a new Rainbow Pendant.

Wyvern Wing
You will than see Sania at Verinas Mart outpost in Ravatogh and she will ask you to get Wyvern Wing. In to get what she wants, go to Rock of Ravatogh dungeon and keep killing wyverns until you get the Wyvern Wing. Come back to Sania and 8000XP and Earth Pendent.

Myrlwood Firefly
Go to Risorath Basin outpost to once again see Sania, she will ask for 3 Myrlwood Fireflies. Access the Vesperpool and enter the dungeon during the night time, the blue glow highlights the fireflies at night to they are easier to catch. Look near the tomb entrance. Come back Sania to get 10000XP and Golden hourglass.

Griffon Feather
Go and see Sania at the Coernix Station in Cauthess to trigger the next step of the quest.  The first thing you need to do is trigger the Griffon hunt “Ruler of the Brave Skies in Lestallum. Defeat the monster and it will drop the item you are looking for. Come back to Sania to get 12000XP and Safety Bit.

Rainbow Frogs
Go to the outpost near Risorath Basin to start the final section of the quest. Sania needs five rainbow frogs which are really hard to find and Sania doesn’t say anything expect that they can be found near the water.  Look near the lakes and hear the noise they make, the closer you get the louder they’ll be.

It would take time but once you are done some back to get 15000XP and Ribbon.

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