Final Fantasy XV PC Version Is A Real Possibility After Siggraph Demo

Square Enix showcased a tech demo for the game running on some beefy hardware suggesting that Final Fantasy XV PC version is also possible

While there has been no official confirmation of it, a Final Fantasy XV PC version might be on the cards judging by Square Enix’s Siggraph 2016 presentation. During Siggraph ’16, held between 26th and 29th July, Square Enix showcased some real-time technologies, visual effects and rendering techniques used in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

Siggraph is an annual event on computer graphics, and is widely considered the most renowned conference for the publication of computer graphics research.

The tech demo used to showcase all those features was rumored to be running on a PC equipped with a GeForce GTX 980Ti, Intel Core i7 5820K processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

Game Director Hajime Tabata had indicated earlier as well as that he was open to the possibility of a PC version of the game, however, the idea would have to wait until the console versions of the game was released. Judging by the sudden influx of PC ports for all the old Final Fantasy games, a Final Fantasy XV PC version – hopefully well done and not like the FF13 series – doesn’t really sound that improbable.

Not only is there a decent market for the franchise on PC but it will also give developers the opportunity to showcase the game in all its glory without being held down by the console hardware.

During the demo, Square Enix showed the characters engaging in various battles to highlight the AI system of both the friendly companions as well as the monsters players will encounter in the game.

Dynamic weather system and lighting were also shown alongside the visual effects for various magical abilities in the game which directly affect the environment.

After almost a decade in development hell, Final Fantasy XV is finally set to release in September on PS4 and Xbox One. The game will also be playable on PSVR for those who own the headset, making it the probably the first AAA VR game to be announced for PS4.

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