Final Fantasy XV is “Make or Break” for the Series

Final Fantasy XV is "Make or Break" for the series according to Director Hajime Tabata. More details on combat, open world, and more are shared.

Final Fantasy XV has a release date of September 30 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has been under development for almost a decade and over the course of development saw major changes.

Alot is riding on this new release and for Final Fantasy series overall, Final Fantasy XV release is a make or break moment. According to Director Hajime Tabata, there are three core qualities that define Final Fantasy series – challenging status quo, providing an exceptional experience and using cutting-edge technology.

However, he believes that the last game to use these 3 core qualities was Final Fantasy VII. And now, Final Fantasy XV is trying to do the same and hopefully, it will succeed.

They are hoping that Final Fantasy XV will bring lapsed fans back and bring in new community members as well.

The story of Final Fantasy XV is about friendship, destiny and legacy. It aims at creating emotions that players can relate to.

According to some new details, as soon as the game starts there is a massive battle that takes place at a yet unknown location.

It is similar to Final Fantasy II where the game kicks off with a boss battle and it acts as a tutorial for Chapter 1. Chapter 1 starts with Noctis and friends on the road to Altissia. The Regalia, Notic’s car, with break down somewhere in the Leide region and the party has to push the car to the nearest station.

From here on, the open world of the game truly becomes accessible to the players.

Pretty early on in the game you meet up with Cid and Cidney for many side-quests. You’ll complete these while the car is being fixed.

The game will mix aspects of reality with fantasy and wonder as soon as more sections of the map open up to you. Dialogue options in the game, like any other RPG, will result in different outcomes.

Combat has seen some changes since Episode Duscae. Players will feel more immersive and responsive controls and weapons can be changed during combat with the d-pad. Magical spells are at your disposal but you have to consider when and how to use them.

They are resources that you’ll need to charge from various places on the map.

During your journey, Prompto may ask you to stop and take pictures of the beautiful scenery. The pictures you take can be seen during camp and you are allowed to share them over social media (Facebook, Twitter etc).

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Source: GameInformer May Issue

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