Final Fantasy XV Ifrit Boss Battle Guide – Defeat the Fire Astral, Chosen King Achievement

Final Fantasy XV Ifrit Boss Battle Guide to help you defeat the game’s final boss and unlock the Chosen King Achievement and Trophy.

As players reach the end of Final Fantasy XV, they will have just one last Astral remaining to fight. This final boss, Ifrit is a fire Astral and unlike some of the others of “The Six” Ifrit can’t be summoned during fights in the open world.

Nonetheless, players will need to defeat Ifrit to finish the game and earn Chosen King trophy.

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Final Fantasy XV Ifrit Boss Battle Guide

The Chosen King trophy requires players to defeat Ifrit on Normal difficulty. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the game has been played on Easy difficulty as players can simply increase the difficulty to Normal from the Options menu just before the Ifrit boss fight.

If a player completed the game on easy difficulty, they can still change their difficulty and fight Ifrit again as he respawns once the story has been completed.

In our Final Fantasy XV Ifrit Boss Battle Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about defeating the game’s final boss on Normal Difficulty and unlock the Chosen King Achievement/Trophy.

Final Fantasy XV Ifrit Boss Battle Guide

Ifrit’s fight happens right after the Behemoth King fight so that should be a good place for players to change difficulty.

The boss fight has two phases, both of them not very difficult provided the players are at an appropriate level for the mission. During the first phase, Ifrit just sits on his fiery throne and players can attack him using Warp-Strike and then retreat. Doing this multiple times ends up depleting Ifrit’s health bar for this phase and starts Phase 2 of the fight.

During the second phase, Ifrit walks around the area and gets shielded by fire occasionally. While he is shielded, it is pointless to attack as the damage dealt is very low so this is a good time for players to heal up or better position themselves.

Blindside attacks work best against him in this phase but if the players feel they can’t go up close and survive, they can still use Warp-Strike although it deals low damage.

While Ifrit is walking around and shielded, it is best to avoid his attacks and wait for him to return to his normal form without the shield. That is when players should strike hard and try to deplete Ifrit’s health bar. When his health is really low, they can press L2/LT to finish the fight.

Once Ifrit has been defeated, an Ifernian’s Shard but unlike other Astrals, it can’t be used to summon Ifrit. As of right now, the exact purpose of the item is unknown and it is possible the developers have intended it for some future DLC.

This is all we have on our Final Fantasy XV Ifrit Boss Battle Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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