Final Fantasy XV Glitch Allows Free Roam Across Niflheim Empire

A newly discovered glitch in Final Fantasy XV allows players to roam freely in the Niflheim Empire during the second half of the game

Bored of Final Fantasy XV’s open world and think there is not enough variety in the game locations? Well you are in luck as a YouTuber has discovered a glitch that lets players explore the Niflheim empire in Final Fantasy XV.

While the game does feature Niflheim, in fact the most of the second half of Final Fantasy XV takes place in the empire territory and not in Lucis, the glitch discovered by Caelum Rabanastre allows players to break free of the linear sections of the second half of the game.

Caelum hasn’t exactly revealed how he managed to glitch through the game world and into the open world area but it is possible that Noctis’ Warp Strike played a key role in it.

Caelum has however promised that he will soon release a new video detailing how to recreate the glitch and enjoy another open world section of the game.

The presence of an actual map instead of empty space after recreating this glitch suggests the zones might be used in the future as part of some free content update or for the DLCs included in the Season Pass.

The Niflheim map itself, as of right now, is pretty much empty with not really anything to do in there or landmarks to visit. The open world also doesn’t allow players to call in Chocobos for fast traversal over the rugged land.

There is no word from Square Enix regarding the nature of this glitch, whether it was intentionally left behind for future content or if it was part of some story elements that were cut from Final Fantasy XV. After all, the game does feel broken especially in the second half with numerous plot holes and unexplained events.

It is also possible that the developers might patch the glitch soon so if someone is interested in trying it out, they should make a backup of their save profile first as the glitch can sometimes result in endless loading.

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