Final Fantasy XV Glass Gemstones Locations Guide – A Better Engine Blade II, Noctis Weapons Upgrade

One of the quests to upgrade Noctis’ weapons in Final Fantasy XV will have players searching for Glass Gemstone. The weapon upgrade quest, A Better Engine Blade II, is given by Cid at Hammerhead Outpost.

Players will first need to complete the first quest of the chain, A Better Engine Blade, available in Chapter 2 before they can embark on the 2nd quest to further upgrade the main one hand weapon used by Noctis.

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Final Fantasy XV Glass Gemstones Locations

There are multiple places to find Glass Gemstone so in case a player found it and then later sold it through the Treasure tab, they always have another place to go to in order to get a new one. Perhaps the easiest location to find a Glass Gemstone is Lestallum city.

After players park their car in Lestallum, they need to head back to the main road inside the city and go towards the Newfields building, located right on the main road. The Glass Gemstone is located under one of the arches of the building on the front porch.

The second Glass Gemstone spot is in Cape Caem, near Hidden Gateway lodgings. The gemstone is on the edge of the well near the lodgings, if players turn right while facing the entrance of the hotel.

Another Glass Gemstone is located inside the city of Altissa, near The Leville – Royal Suite lodgings, so it will be some time before players can access this one. Once players exit the hotel, they need to turn left and go past the vendor. Upon reaching the fountain nearby, they need to take another left and follow the path to a square archway between a green door and a staircase. The gemstone is located under the archway.

If finding these is proving to be difficult, players can always rely on Gladiolus to find Glass Gemstone. However, his Survival skill needs to be level 6 before he can potentially find Glass Gemstone as a drop after every battle.

Like other treasures, it is a good idea to hold on to Glass Gemstone for a while as it can be useful in upgrading.

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