Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata Talks About Loot Boxes and His Dream Final Fantasy Game

In a recent interview, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata talked about the debated loot boxes and his dream Final Fantasy game.

The Director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata has shared his thoughts on loot boxes and a few things about his dream Final Fantasy game.

Talking with Official Xbox Magazine UK, Tabata had a few words on the recent debated topic surrounding loot boxes. Tabata said that he has nothing against the loot boxes but the creators should be more careful with their implementation:

“I have nothing against them, but I think that the creators of the loot boxes should be careful how to use them”.

Furthermore, the director talked about his vision of Final Fantasy, his objectives towards absolute freedom, and with unlimited resources at a player’s disposal:

“I would create a version of Final Fantasy that players could play in complete freedom, they would never know what they would be up to and what would happen right away, and they would be able to entertain all kinds of players.”

As for Final Fantasy XV, there have been few leaks in recent times. Final Fantasy XV will be placed to “have been nothing more than a Noctis’ dream” and the game’s world will be completely explorable:

  • The plot will be completely rewritten from scratch and will feature all the elements Nomura wanted in it, like Stella, the “eyes that can see the light of expiring souls”, the country of Solheim and so on, while everything related to Kingsglaive will be completely removed.
  • The battle system will be way more KH-like, but it will still keep everything we’ve seen in FFXV like warp-strikes, counter/parry and so on. Also, there will be character-switching like shown in the earlier Versus-XIII trailers.
  • There will be a gambit-like system to direct party member’s behavior.

Final Fantasy XV is now available PS4 and Xbox One. As for the PC version, it is expected to launch sometime in Spring 2018.

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