Final Fantasy XV Antagonist is Better than Sephiroth, Kefka: Hajime Tabata

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata says the game will have the best villain so far, even better than Sephiroth and Kefka.

Final Fantasy XV is one of the most anticipated games that will be sought after when we enter 2016, the game is finally shaping up and we couldn’t be happier to tell you that everything in it is going to be better, even the villains!

This is not my personal observation, in fact, the game’s director Hajime Tabata himself has confirmed that at Gamescom this year.

Not just that, Tabata has iterated that the villain, is going to be the worst (best?) the series has ever seen and will even go beyond the level of Sephiroth and Kefka! Now that is really something because those two have always been considered the best antagonists made in the series history.

What’s sad is that neither Hajime Tabata nor Square Enix have revealed who this man (or woman) is going to be.

We can, however, strike off one name from the list. The Emperor of Niflheim, Idola Aldercapt is certainly not going to be the antagonist in Final Fantasy XV although initially it was speculated so.

Now if you know what made Sephiroth and Kefka what they were, you would also understand that by saying that this new villain is going to be better than them, Tabata is saying that he is going to be much more than just an extremely bad guy.


Here’s to hoping that Final Fantasy XV comes out as early as possible in 2016.

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