Final Fantasy XV Street Date Broken In Peru, Day-One-Patch Size Revealed

It took a decade for Square Enix to develop the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV. However, the fans are eager to get their hands on the game but they will have to wait until end of the month. However, the physical copies of the Final Fantasy XV are already being sold in a specific country.

A picture emerged on the internet showing the Final Fantasy XV is being sold in a certain shop in Peru and many have got their hands on it. One particular player has been live streaming the game on his/her Twitch account. It seems that the retailer has broken the street date for the game in Peru.

One positive side of this situation is that we know the size of the day-one-patch for the game. As some players have posted some images of them downloading the update, the size for day-one-patch is 7.2 GB.

As the release is getting closer Square Enix has been revealing new details about the game. Yesterday the developer revealed a new art for the game to keep the hype up.

The new Final Fantasy XV art centers the protagonist, Prince Noctis and the former princess of Tenebrae, Lunafreya, against an epic backdrop that features a city as well as some imperial soldiers and ships.

Also, Final Fantasy XV will be one of the games to support the PlayStation 4 Pro. The patch or the game that brings the support will launch in December. Final Fantasy XV will have 4K display mode at 30 frames per second, and a 1080p display mode but the frame rate will vary between 45 and 60FPS.

Also, Final Fantasy XV soundtrack is available for pre-order, which will be available on December 21, 2016. The soundtrack will be available in three different editions. The CD version, Blu-Ray version, and the Limited Edition.

Final Fantasy XV is an open world action adventure game in development at Square Enix and is scheduled to launch onNovember 29, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamergen

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