Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Beginner’s Guide – Quests, Guilds, Building, Research

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Beginner's Guide will help you learn about some of the elements of the game including Quests, Guilds, Building, & Research.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Beginner’s Guide will help you get comfortable with some of the most important elements of the game that include Quests, Guilds, Building and Research. Final Fantasy XV – A new Empire arrives on our smartphones. You can now explore the world of EOS wherever you go. You can build your empire alongside your favorite heroes from Final Fantasy XV.

We have detailed every bit of the important aspects of the game in this guide. They include Quests, Guilds. Building and Research.

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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Beginner’s Guide

In our Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Beginner’s Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about learning about different important aspects of the game.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Beginner’s Guide

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Introduction

As soon as you start the game, the game will put you in charge of a huge kingdom. Make sure you learn as much as possible about the basic elements of the game during this tutorial. The tutorial section will teach you all about the resource collection and how to upgrade your buildings quickly.

For the first 24 hours, you will have an Empire Barrier surrounding your whole Empire, which will keep the monsters away from your Kingdom so make sure you take these 24 hours to learn about the basic working of the game.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Guilds

The next thing you need to do is join a guild. It is very important that you join a guild as soon as possible because it will have many benefits for you. As soon as you join a guild, you will instantly get 100 Gold just for doing so. Guilds have many benefits such as getting the free speed up boosts for your quest timers, getting gifts from fellow guild members and finally earning loyalty by helping out fellow guild members.

Whenever a guild member sends you a help request, you will get a red notification on your guild tab. If you decide to help them out, you will earn more loyalty, which can be used to buy items from the guild store. Loyalty will also provide you an option to activate your VIP membership, speed up the completion time for hero quests and refresh the quests so that you can get even better quests to complete.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Quests

You can complete quests to earn more resources. There are four types of quests that you can take part in. They are Empire Quests, Hero Quests, Guild Quests and VIP Quests. Empire quests are related to your Empire. They will require you to build or upgrade certain structures in your Empire.

Hero Quests are further divided into three types, which are Basic, Uncommon and Common. These all the same type of quests, after joining such a quest you do not need to do anything. Just wait until the timer of the quest reaches zero and your quest will be completed.

Guild quests are related to helping out your guild members and they are similar to Hero Quests. You can opt for quests from all these categories at the same time however, you can only opt one from further sub categories that are basic, common or uncommon. You can queue up as many quests as you like because you do not need to do anything actively. Make sure your quest ques are never empty. VIP quests can only be activated if you have an active VIP membership.

Sometimes when you are looking over your empire, a quest will pop up over the screen. These are recommended quests that you should always try to complete. These are mostly Empire quests and they will give you a speed boost when completed. This will help you a lot in upgrading your empire buildings.

Along with these quests, you can also take part in different events. From the main menu. Tap the red banner at the right side of the screen to bring in the events menu and choose an event from it. These will be of different nature and they will reward you based on your performance in the event. The better you perform in the event, the higher your reward will be.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Building

Final Fantasy XV – A New Empire is a base building game so you will be spending a great deal of time building and upgrading structures in your Empire. You can build different sorts of structures and they will give you many benefits. Such as building a treasury will allow you to store gold.

You must upgrade your treasury as much as possible so you can store greater amounts of gold in it since it is the premium currency of the game. Depositing gold in your treasury gives you an investment bonus. A level 1 Treasury will give you 10% interest rate after 2 hours. So if you deposit 100 gold, after 2 hours it will give you 110 gold.

Building a university will allow you to do research. Research is a vital element of this game so you must build and upgrade a library. Always keep one thing in your mind, never leave your build queues empty. Expand your kingdom as much as possible.

While expanding your empire, you will eventually run out of your resources. You cannot just depend on the resources from inside your empire. For more resources, you must travel outside your empire into the world of Eos. Outside you will find many resource caches of different resources that you must acquire. Send out exploration parties, they will collect the resource and return them to your empire. However, they will be vulnerable to attacks so you must be ready to protect them.

Training Grounds will help you have large armies for your defense. Always upgrade your Training Grounds so that you can have the best armies around. An upgraded training ground will give you a boost to the training queue and fasten up the training speed. You can train one troop at a time. The troops are divided into further categories, which are Warriors, Mages, Cavalry and Siege Engines.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Research

You can research a lot of things in this game and for these researched, your main building is your University. You can perform many research upgrades here. Research has further four types of categories Economics, Combat, Defense, and Hero.

Each of these four categories is equally important for your empire so you must try to maintain a balance between the researches. Upgrading the Hero tab will give your hero additional abilities such as Monster Tactics. Your hero will be able to fend off level 1 creatures out in the wild. The ore AP you earn doing hero quests, more upgrades you can unlock for your hero.

This concludes our Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Beginner’s Guide. If you have anything else to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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