Final Fantasy VII Remake To Have Linear Story Progression

Final Fantasy VII Remake, one of the most anticipated and asked remakes in the history of video games, finally has...

Final Fantasy VII Remake, one of the most anticipated and asked remakes in the history of video games, finally has new information. This information confirms the fact that the game is indeed it works and that it is in active development.

An interview was done by a Japanese journalist company last summer, but since it hasn’t been officially translated to English, it didn’t gain much attention. Well, some brave adventurers (Radigar, hian and ChipNoir from TheLifestream , and NeithOF from Gamefaqs) helped Koozek from resetera compile a full English translation of the article.

The interview is between Shinchiro Biwa, Planner of the Bussiness Division 1 of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the company. Shinchiro starts by basically explaining the inside of the studios:

Everyone’s creative opinion matters, even if it isn’t a loyal adaptation of the original FF VII. “[despite] it being a legacy title with a lot of immovable parts, if you have a good idea, you can walk up and make a proposal directly to the director.”

Shinchiro chooses his words in such a way that shows that most of the work on the game is done, at least from his part. The journal notes that the gameplay systems should be firmly in place, considering how Shinchiro is using his wordplay.

A very important thing to note here is that: the game will indeed be an action RPG with classic Final Fantasy elements as well as some modern twist. The game should feel like the original FF VII, but will be a little different.

Anyways, moving onto the main topic of this article:

The whole remaking of the game can be broken down into three simple steps:

  • Improvise: Check and make a mind map of the locations from the original Final Fantasy VII.
  • Adapt: Plan and try to make changes to the map, in order to make a modern, yet original experience.
  • Overcome: Get the ideas/locations approved from higher-ups and decide on a budget.

After these three basic steps are done, the final step is to implement these changes and polish them to perfection. The story progression is said to be entirely linear, just like the original Final Fantasy VII.

In case you don’t remember, this means that you’ll be getting a story where some of the worlds will be locked and will unlock as you progress through the story. The story is still the same. You know. Sephiroth… and uhhh, some believe that the game might be ready in time for the PS5 unveil. Yea… some people are a little disappointed.

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