Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Trailer is Full of Spoilers

Final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake has been released and many are warning that you should not watch it as it has manay spoilers!

The final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake is out and has caused mixed feelings to fans that decided to see it. The game releases in a week but the trailer was quick to include some rather big spoilers for both the original story and some new twists.

The 4-minute trailer is the last before the game’s release in 6 days. As a result, it includes story bits, conversations between the main characters like Aerith, Cloud, and Tifa and a little it of gameplay too. Unlike the previous trailers, the fights shown in the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer are huge. Bosses look breathtaking and character movements and expressions¬†now capture the feeling of the original game. Undeniably, the atmosphere has shifted a lot since its RPG theme.


However, looking past the incredible graphics and character design, the trailer includes a bit too much information. We won’t share any since we value your anticipation for its release but bear in mind that you’ll want to skip it if you want your first playthrough to be a clean canvas.

In terms of gameplay, we see some characters’ skills and a bunch of combat scenes that would make even the non-fans anticipate its release.

Note that Final Fantasy VII Remake is already out in physical copies in some countries. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on one already, the original release which includes all digital sales will arrive in 6 days. On April 10th, to be exact.

If you decide to buy the digital version of the game on Playstation 4, prepare for a sad surprise. The game weighs over 100GB. Square Enix decided against the recycling of assets. Each location in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is built with new and unique assets. That means regardless of where players venture in Midgar, they will almost never see assets from other different areas.

Even though the game will initially be exclusive on Playstation 4, it will release on other platforms. Sony holds the exclusivity for Final Fantasy VII Remake fora year. After that, we might be able to play the game on PC and Xbox Series X when it releases.

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