Final Fantasy 7 Remake The Angel of Slums Walkthrough

The Angel of Slums is another side quest of Final Fantasy 7. The quest is fairly straight forward, involves a fairly challenging boss fight. To guide you through it, we have put together this Final Fantasy 7 Remake The Angel of Slums Walkthrough.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake The Angel of Slums

This is a side quest of Chapter 8 that is accessible after completing the Kids on Patrol side quest. Completion of this quest rewards you with 2000 gils.

After completing the side quest; Kids on Patrol, you will be approached by a reporter named Damon, requesting you to assist him in finding the Angel of the Slums. He’ll send you to gather information about her whereabouts.

That’ll lead you to Mireille, an old woman dressed as an explorer a few building up the street in an old age home. She’ll tell you to go back to Damon where she’ll join you shortly.

When she comes, she’ll inform you about the Angel of Slum’s hideout and the fiend that reside therein. Hearing that, frightened Damon will request you to search the place.

Go to the marker on the map to the hideout to find a large mechanical giant there called the Chromagger.

This is sort of a mini-boss and quite a tough adversary. The Chromagger is weak to Lightning and Thunder, so be sure to bring the materia for that.

The Chromagger has a wrecking ball for a hand that it uses to smash upon the player.

The ball is also its weakness as the creature is not normally prone to getting staggered, but a couple of lightning attack to the ball will be able to stagger it for good.

It also shoots an electric smoke out of its top exhaust on the head that causes continued damage.

Note that he uses this attack in a circular motion, filling the area with the smoke, you can spin around with it as he disperses the smoke to avoid coming in contact with it.

The creature is very slow to move and when changing direction.

Use that to your advantage by attacking it from behind as it’ll take some time to turn giving you time for inflicting some decent damage.

Stagger it by hitting the ball hand with lightning and finish it off when it’s disabled and on its knees.

Once the creature has been killed, you’d be able to collect a card from the tables on one side of this area that you can return to Damon. Mireille will give you the 2000 gils reward once you return.

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