Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sector 5 Reactor Keycards Locations Guide

Struggling at the Air Buster boss fight? Well we can help out by disabling aspects of the fight using sector 5 security keycards in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The Air Buster boss fight was challenging before and it is challenging now in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game does, however, give you a chance to tune down the boss-fight to an acceptable level for you. This can be done using Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sector 5 Reactor Keycards Locations found in the game, and detaching various components from the Air Buster.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Sector 5 Reactor Keycards Locations

Prior to facing the Air Buster boss, you can perform a series of action to weaken the boss first. In order to do so, you are going to have to collect 5 keycards scattered across four laboratories you will be making your way through.

Before you go on in and start fighting the boss, we would recommend you go ahead and deposit these keycards into their respective terminals to make the fight a little easier for yourself by disabling a few of his abilities.

Keycard #1
The very first lab you enter (Mako Reactor 5 – B8) during ‘Sentenced to Death’, you can find the first keycard to your left, Tifa will even tell you about it. Simply use it with the terminal present to your right in the same room.

Keycard #2
Found in the lab labeled Mako Reactor 5 – B7, the one right after B8, you can find the second keycard find on the right of the entrance, lying on a box.

Keycard #3
After leaving B7, you can find the third keycard on the first platform, after the first set of stairs. It is located towards the right on the ground near some traffic cones.

Keycard #4
The fourth keycard can be found in the B6 lab to your left. Just go around the boxes, it is located near the center of the room.

Keycard #5
Arriving in B5 finally, you can find the fifth keycard in the right-most corner as you enter the laboratory.

Keycard #6
The sixth keycard can be found in the same laboratory but in the opposite direction (left), located on a desk.

All these keycards can be taken to individual terminals. One terminal, accepts only one card. They are spread across the laboratories you just came through. Deposit them one by one to select which item from Air Buster’s arsenal to be taken out.

Air Buster’s Arsenal

When you finally reach the room with a lot of consoles (Labelled on the map as Waste Storage), you will have the option to disable Air Buster’s certain features to make the fight easier.

In order to make it easier for you to choose what to take out, we have made a detailed description of what each item does, so you can make a clearer decision.

M Units
This will not affect the efficiency of Air Buster, however, removing this does impact the amount of loot you get per M-Unit removed.

Big Bomber
If you remove big bomber, you’re essentially removing the hassle to deal with a lot of missiles. These missiles, would have done a lot of damage. You can even use this for yourself from the item menu.

AI Programming Core
This will prevent Air Buster to use a move that would otherwise stun your party. Taking out many of these cores will result in the buster using that stun move less amount of times. The cores can be sold later for 500 Gil each.

Choose what to remove, depending on how you would like to face the boss, if you would like all of the challenge to be there, you can go ahead and remove the M-Units. Remove the AI Programming Cores to avoid stunts, or the Big Bomber to avoid taking too much damage.

The items can be obtained from the next room after the Disposal Room (Behind a Lock Mini-Game), where you can collect all the items you have chosen to take out from the Air Buster.

Simply pull the lever in this room (Waste Recovery), and you can collect all the shiny items. There is also a vending machine and a blue bench here, so rest away before heading into the fight.

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