Final Fantasy 7 Remake Air Buster Boss Guide

In Chapter 7, A Trap is Sprung, you are going to encounter Airbuster which is the fifth both of Final Fantasy 7. In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Air Buster Boss Guide, we will show you how to defeat Air Buster in FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Air Buster Boss

Airbuster is a mechanical boss that you are going to find during Storm the Gates mission in area Mako Reactor 5. Although still in the prototype phase, it was rushed into action to aid in the public execution of Avalanche members. Lightning attacks rapidly fill its staggering gauge.

  • Abilities: Big Bomber
  • Weaknesses: Electricity
  • Lesser Resistances: Stop
  • Immunities: Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Berserk, Proportional Damage

When you are interacting with President Shinra and Heidegger, he will be setting the timer on the bomb after which Airbuster is going to be activated.

You and your team will be fighting together against Airbuster and you have a timer of 25 minutes before the bomb goes off.

So you need to figure out a strategy first. The Al Cores in Air Buster help it in mobility, speed and stun attacks which can be very damaging as it will keep on giving you damage which makes it hard for you to recover and drops down your health very quickly. This means that if you cut these down, it is going to result in the loss of Airbuster’s speed and mobility.

So, around the lab, there are actually six Reactor 5 keycards that are going to help you remove the parts of Airbuster. Once are the Al Cores.

Then there are the M Units which aren’t really affecting or hindering the movement or abilities of Airbuster but taking them out will farm you some items that you can use later.

Airbuster has the ability to use explosives which do high damage to everyone around the explosion. This is due to the Big Bomber shells that Airbuster is carrying inside of it.

If you take these out, it is going to stop Airbuster from using its explosives ability. And by the looks of it, taking out the Big Bomber shells is the most efficient way to make him less dangerous and weaker.

Merging the Elemental Materia with Lightning Materia on the joint Materia slot is an excellent strategy.

Barret is the best candidate for using this ability as he can use his gun from anywhere and when he uses the Materia, he shoots out bullets infused with Lightning which helps to take down Air Buster’s health faster.

Another way you can use Barret’s ability is by merging his Lifesaver ability with HP Up Materia and the Steelskin ability to reduce the overall damage done by Air Buster.

You need to always keep an eye out for the HP of the characters as there are attacks coming from everywhere in the fight so these merging helps reduce the damage taken and you do not have to worry about the HP of Tifa and Cloud as Barret will be bearing the damage for them.

A few Lightning based attacks of Airbuster that can affect your HP are when he charges the based with electricity that can do you a lot of damage if you do not back out quickly.

Then there are the grenades that are on the ground which have a large area of effect so get away from them as fast as possible otherwise they will stun you upon explosion and then you will be open to attacks.

Just use your spells, potions, and abilities to clear the stagger once and when it is staggered, it is going to release a number of drones out from which you have to defend yourself.

When Air Buster boss is firing the beam, you have to keep using the Lightning and keep pressuring it and its arms are going to detach soon. This is more dangerous as they will be surrounding the arena and throwing off beams all around it.

You need to stagger at least one for which you have to focus on it and destroy it. Keep attacking the arms and Airbuster is soon going to pull them back.

As Airbuster’s health keeps going low, it will use more and more attacks like big punches, using it machines guns, flamethrowers, and its Tankbuster laser.

Whenever you see Airbuster preparing for any of these moves, you need to quickly back down and dodge these attacks.

When you see that you have almost finished off Air Buster’s health, just keep using the Lightning attacks and spells and it is going to hit you with some last heavy slam attacks.

Use your abilities to throw on some quick attacks and soon you will defeat Airbuster in FF7 Remake. You have gained 550 EXP and 10 AP along with 550 gil and improved Lightning Materia and lastly, a titanium bangle