Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rufus Boss Guide

Rufus Shinra is the Vice President of the Shinra Electric Power Company, you’ll come across him during chapter 17 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Defeating Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rufus Boss in a battle may not be a piece of cake, but using the right strategy can lead you to a victory.

In this FF7 Remake Rufus Boss Guide, we’ve given some tips on how to beat Rufus without dropping much of your HP.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rufus Boss

The Boss fight starts after a short cutscene and Rufus being the bad guy doesn’t come alone. He has his pet with him called Darkstar.

And just like every loyal pet, Darkstar tries everything to prevent you from reaching his master, Rufus.

Therefore, the best strategy here is to eliminate Darkstar in the initial phase of this fight then move on to Rufus.

Simply use a Punisher Mode counter once Darkstar uses its Whirlwhip move. This way it will deal the maximum amount of damage and eventually will be staggered.

Once Darkstar is Staggered, continue attacking it till it’s defeated and Rufus chooses to fight you one on one. Defeating Darkstar rewards you 1300 EXP, 10 AP and 1300 gil.

Rufus dodges most of your attacks and counters it by his own moves such as the Gun Akimbo and Bright Lights.

Move aside once he uses any of his moves and follow it up by your Focused Thrust. This will decrease his HP and you’ll have a chance of winning the battle. But make sure to use the focused thrust when near Rufus as this move doesn’t have a lot of range in it.

At this point, your HP would be at its lowest, so use Curaga and Cura to recover it. Rufus doesn’t take a lot of damage from Standard, physical and magic attacks.

So, attack Rufus when he’s busy in reloading his weapon as this is the only time, he’s vulnerable and can easily get staggered. You’ll get a lot of hits since he reloads quite often.

Continue attacking him till his Health is fully drained. Upon defeating Rufus, you’ll gain 1300 EXP, 10 AP and 1300 gil.

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