Final Fantasy 7 Remake Power of Music ‘Music Disc Locations’ Walkthrough

If you are a completionist then you will need to finish the Power of Music quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and that is where our guide will help

The Power of Music is a late quest in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and you have to cheer up the residents of Wall Market by finding the three music discs. This guide will give you the music disc locations to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Power of Music side quest.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Power of Music ‘Music Disc Locations’

As mentioned before, you need 3 specific music discs for this quest however the game has a lot more so so if you are unsure of the location of those 3 music discs, we are here to help.

It can be difficult to siphon through all the music disc locations in FF7 Remake so are going to narrow it down for you:

Stand Up
The first disc is known as Stand Up. You can find it near the Honeybee Inn. Head towards the doors to the establishment and then turn left.

There will be an opening which you can cross by crouching. Head through the opening and you will find an NPC on the other side, as well as your music disc of Stand Up.

Good Night, Until Tomorrow
This disc can be found from a Guest in the hotel near the place where the quest started. Head towards the reception and talk to grey-haired guest there and you will be given the disc.

Fight On
Head to the Colosseum entrance and get to the vendor by elevator. This one can be purchased from this vendor.

Once you have collected all the discs, head back to the quest giver location and interact with the Jukebox.

Play all three of the music discs then and you will get your reward for completing the FF7 Remake Power of Music quest.