Final Fantasy 7 Remake Nuisance in the Factory Walkthrough

Nuisance in the Factory is a side-quest found in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Nuisance in the Factory Walkthrough will focus on how to defeat key enemies within the side-quest, along with any additional details otherwise important.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Nuisance in the Factory

A scrap dealer has requested you take care of 2 groups of lesser drakes residing within the abandoned factory in FF7 Remake. Accept the side quest and proceed to take out the drakes.

Talk to Narjin
Narjin will be guarding the gate and preventing any citizens from entering due to the presence of the drakes. He will, however, immediately recognize Tifa and will allow both of you to enter so as to purge the factory of the two dangerous drakes.

Fight the Gorgers in the Shed
Just a few steps beyond the fenced gate you will spot a few Gorgers lurking within a shed, they’re not that particularly hard. Their weaknesses include ice and magic.

Be vary of any of their ranged attacks; and be cautious of their increased mobility, as they can climb up walls making it harder for melee attacks to reach them.

Use magic spells and/or any other handy ranged abilities to be able to take them out from a distance effectively.


This won’t be your sole encounter with these bad boys, take care of any of them in your path until you finally reach the Drakes.

During your hunt, you can find a vending machine and blue bench to rest at in an open yard to the right, use it to top yourself up before facing off the main enemies of the quest.

Fight off the Lesser Drakes
The Lesser Drake will jump you in a shed, and surprisingly he won’t be that hard if you make sure to exploit its weaknesses.

The Drakes are constantly in the air and in order to bring them down, you are going to want to use magic attacks.

They are also weak against Wind. Tifa’s uppercut ability is definitely handy too. Keep it on the ground and the fight will be a cakewalk.

Talk to the Junk Dealer
Complete the quest by informing the Junk Dealer that the infestation has been dealt with. Upon completion, the quest will reward you with

  • 500 Gil.
  • Full restoration to HP and MP

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