Final Fantasy 7 Remake Malboro Boss Guide

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise might be familiar with Malboro, a large plant with tentacles and poison breath. Well, the enemy makes a return in FF7 Remake so we prepared this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Malboro Boss to help you out with the fight.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Malboro Boss

As mentioned before, Malboro’s are something that veterans of this franchise will remember. In FF7 Remake, Malboro can only be fought on Hard Mode.

Players may recall how much of a challenge they posed in the original FF7 and have continued to be problematic throughout the various FF titles.

The best party members for this fight are Cloud, Tifa and Aerith. This boss is tougher than appearances may lead you to believe so you will need Cloud’s strength and Aerith to heal any damage that you take.

Tifa will help you stagger the enemy so be sure to try that when Malboro uses Bad Breath or Chow Down since that is when it will be more vulnerable in FF7 Remake.

Be sure to equip Cloud with the Enemy Skill Materia and then stand in front of the enemy when it uses Bad Breath in order to learn the skill.

Make sure that Aerith has a maxed Cleansing Materia equipped so that she can use Esuna on you after you get hit by this move.

When Malboro attacks you with Acid and Test Bite, you should get behind it and use Cloud to hit it with Focused Thrust as the stagger bar fills up. Attack it with Focused Strike when you’ve dodged Malboro’s attack.

Switching back and forth between Cloud and other characters helps you stay behind it since it can’t face everyone at once.  If you get hit, have Aerith heal you with Magnify-Cure.

Eventually, you’ll take it down. The Malboro isn’t as tough in FF7 Remake as it is in other titles of the franchise.