Final Fantasy 7 Remake Jenova Dreamweaver Boss Guide

Jenova Dreamweaver is one of the many bosses you will be encountering in Chapter 17 of FF7 Remake. In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Jenova Dreamweaver Boss Guide we will show you how to defeat it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Jenova Dreamweaver Boss Guide

This giant tentacle boss has a lot of AoE attacks. Jenova’s moveset is a bit hard to judge, and by assessing its abilities throughout the fight, we have made an extensive guide to help you out with the Jenova Dreamweaver boss fight in FF7 Remake.

Follow the tips we have stated, and you should be able to beat him with a lot of health still left on all your characters.

Jenova is as intimidating of a boss as he looks. His large presence across the battlefield will make it harder for you to navigate around.

By carefully studying his moveset, you will be able to overcome most of the obstacles the boss throws your way. Jenova has no weaknesses that the game states of.

Lesser Resistances

  • Sleep
  • Magic


  • Slow
  • Stop
  • Proportional Damage

Cut off the Tentacles
You can’t deal damage to Jenova until its tentacles have been cut off from its body. Once you have the tentacles off, it’s time for damage extravaganza, and taking up the offense.

Tentacle Burst
After you have brought Jenova down to half of his health, he will start to bring in tentacles from underneath you and try to damage you with it. Take these tentacles down as they pop out, cutting all of them up will result in Jenova being temporarily stunned.

Use the Room’s Cover
There is plenty of cover around the room, so if you feel like you’re running short on space and need to breathe for a second, go ahead and take some cover temporarily to avoid taking damage from the onslaught of attacks.

Approach with Care
Often times than not, Jenova will either grab you if you get too close, or push you away. If it grabs you, simply switch to another character and attack to break the caught character free from his grasp.

Defeating Jenova yields an Astral Cuff for you and your team to use.

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