Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Ramuh Boss Guide

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, you face the Ramuh Boss during the first Chapter ‘Wutai’s Finest’ of Yuffie DLC. This boss fight takes place at the Shinra Combat Simulator. In this guide, we will explain how to defeat Ramuh Boss in FF7 Remake Intergrade.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Ramuh Boss

Ramuh Boss fight can be accessed through Chadley’s VR Simulator Challenge which makes a return in FF7 Remake INTERmission DLC. To start this fight, go and talk to Chadley and then accept the Ramuh fight from the VR Challenges. Once you do so, you will be taken to the Shinra Combat Simulator VR arena where the fight will take place.

How to Defeat Ramuh in FF7 Remake INTERmission

The Ramuh boss fight takes place over two phases. If you remember the old Leviathan or Shiva fights from FF7 Remake, you should have an idea of what kind of a tough enemy Ramuh will prove to be.

Phase 1
At the start of the first phase, Ramuh will start off with a full health bar. Try to get close to Ramuh and use melee attacks to damage him. During the fight, Wind Elementa Ninjutsu to greatly damage Ramuh and stagger him.

Use Art of War ability as well to boost your damage output. During the first phase, Ramuh will launch various different attacks at you, all of which can be dodged by moving out of the way. Keep dodging his attacks and then hit him to drain his hp. During the fight if you take damage, make sure to heal yourself using your MP.

Phase 2
When his health falls below 50%, the 2nd phase of the fight will start in which he will summon three orbs which will power him up. Make sure you destroy them as quickly as possible so that Ramuh weakens. While these orbs are present, Ramuh’s attacks will be much more lethal.

He will keep using old attacks at you with a new attack as well in which he will use his staff to hit you. Keep dodging all his attacks and damaging him until he runs out of health and is defeated.

You will obtain the Ramuh summon materia after successfully defeating Ramuh in FF7 Remake Intergrade INTERmission DLC.

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