Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gil Farming Guide

Gil is the name of the currency used in the FFVII Remake. It plays a huge role in the game as you buy different items and weapons using it, which help you progress through the game. In this guide, we’ll walk you through several different ways of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gil Farming so you won’t have to worry about being short on money when buying your items.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gil Farming

Mercenary Quests
Mercenary Quests are very easy to complete and are a really quick and simple way to acquire some Gil and other items. Plus, as you complete Mercenary Quests, additional quests will become available, allowing you to earn even more money and items.

Aside from Mercenary Quests, you should also do every single side-quest you can to maximize your Gil earnings.

Selling Wind-up Lord Vexxos
‘Wind-up Lord Vexxos’ is the name of an item that can be obtained by playing Juice Monsters Five in Altissa. Playing it will cost you 10,000 Gil but if you get the Vexxos, which is the best prize, you’ll earn yourself 500,000 Gil.

Instead of using your treasures in Elemancy, you can actually sell them for a pretty decent amount of Gil.

Below are the treasures which give you the most Gil on selling.

  • Platinum Ingot – 10,000 Gil: It can be found in the Cleigne Region.
  • Giant Hairy Horn – 1,400 Gil: It can be found in the Leide Region.
  • Slimy Oil – 210 Gil: It can be found in the Duscae Region.
  • Strong Whiskers – 3,400 Gil: It can also be gound in the Duscae Region.

Monster Drops
Like treasures, you can sell your monster drops for a nice profit. Below are the best monster drops to sell.

  • Giant Curlhorn – 1,700 Gil: It is dropped by Arba.
  • Wyvern Wing – 1,600 Gil: It is dropped by Wyvern.
  • Giant Hairy Horn – 1,400 Gil: It is dropped by Dualhorn.
  • Crooked Helixhorn – 1,300 Gil: It is dropped by Spiracorn.
  • Thunderoc Feather – 700 Gil: It is dropped by Thunderoc.
  • Anak Fetlock – 300 Gil: It is dropped by Anak.

Fishing is another great way of quickly earning Gil. Specifically, the ‘Platinum Myrltrout’ fish is what you need to catch as it sells for 1,950 Gil.

To increase your chances of getting one, get the ‘Expert item Angler’ ascension ability from the Exploration Astralsphere. This will give you 3x more items from fishing.

If you have this ability and you catch a Platinum Myrltrout, you’ll get three of them, netting you 5,850 Gil.

This fish usually spawns during the early morning to evening time period, at Myrlwood Falls. Its marker is yellow in color.

The best equipment to use for fishing is a Death Spin rod, Nereid Reel and the Big Blaze Bahamut bait.

Stealing From Opponents
There is a materia in FFVII Remake called ‘Steal’ which allows you to steal different items from your opponents. You can then sell these items to earn yourself some quick cash. Alternatively, you can also use the Gil Up materia to increase your earnings.

Corneo Colosseum
The Corneo Colosseum, located at the Wall Market, lets you earn yourself some Gil and other rewards by fighting enemies.

You’ll fight a series of enemies one after the other and the more fights you win, the more Gil you will be rewarded with.

Do note that this is a more late-game option to earn Gil as the Colosseum isn’t unlocked until Chapter 9.