Final Fantasy 7 Remake Difficulty Settings Guide

Since Final Fantasy 7 Remake has deviated from the original turn-based fighting mechanic, into more of an action RPG style game. This makes selecting the difficulty of the game into somewhat of an interesting choice, as it will determine how the game plays out. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Difficulty Settings guide will help you compare different difficulty modes for the game and how they affect the enemies.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Difficulty Settings

So as you might know, FF7 has three different difficulty levels when starting a new game; Classic, Easy and Normal.

If you clear the game in any difficulty, you are offered the Hard mode. Let us look at all these settings.

Classic Mode
The first is the classic mode. A mode for those who enjoyed the old school original games and wish to enjoy the story while breezing through the game.

In this mode, the character will automatically attacks and defend enemy attacks, where as the player can solely focus on giving commands to the party.

The overall enemy difficulty is the same as in easy mode. You can physically control the characters by putting in commands through the controller, otherwise, the game plays on in auto mode.

Easy Mode
Same as classic mode, however you have to physically input all the commands, movement, attack, defend and ability. Enemies in this mode are weaker and not much aggressive.

This difficulty mode is also for people who wish to enjoy the experience and want to try out the action style of the game without much pressure from the combat. Overall, it plays the same as normal, but with weaker foes.

Normal Mode
The game’s standard difficulty od the Normal mode. Players are expected to learn the fundamentals of the game, and utilize them efficiently, along with keeping an eye on enemy movements.

Players face aggressive and strong foes and need to use all features of the game, such as issuing commands to allies, changing party members and utilizing every character’s specialty, spells and abilities, and even knowing when to retreat. The mode allows you to fully experience the story as well as the combat intended for the players.

Hard Mode
This is the fourth difficulty, unlocked by completing the game on any mode. This means you have to complete the game once before you can try the hard mode.

Enemies in Hard mode are much stronger and way more aggressive, and your use of consumable items is restricted, in and out of combat, meaning you have to be careful with your every move.

With this, remember that if the difficulty you choose is too easy or too hard, you can change it on the run. Just press the Options button on the controller and follow System>Options>Gameplay.

Here, the first choice will be to change the difficulty of the game. This is restricted during combat and cutscenes. Changing difficulty does not enforce any penalty on you so you can do it freely

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