Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Builds Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake allows player to control all the characters in the way of an action RPG. Naturally, this allows players to equip different weapons and upgrades to suit their play style. With this in mind, here are some Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Builds to help you out with the main character.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Builds

Below are all the different builds and materia suggestions for each of the available weapons in Cloud’s arsenal in FF7 Remake.

Buster Sword

Recommended Materia

  • Fire, Ice, Lightning – Any of these Materia can be equipped to overcome any shortcomings the weapon might have.
  • Healing – Although with this weapon your main focus will be as a bruiser instead of a healer, still it helps to have this equipped.
  • Elemental – This Materia is very useful if you know which enemy is weak to which elemental. It can be used to boost damage.
  • HP Up – This will help you stand your grounds on the front lines with increased HP.
  • Parry – Although Buster Sword makes Cloud an all-rounder, this Materia will help you gain higher defense in intense fights.
  • Steadfast Block – A great fit for Cloud regardless of his weapon. Less damage and more ATB from blocking is a benefit that you should work towards.

Iron Blade Builds

Recommended Materia

  • Fire, Ice, Lightning – The Blade has Magic Based damage, so having an elemental is recommended.
  • Healing – Cloud can provide solid support with this weapon’s upgrades.
  • Revival – Iron Blade has high defense, and this will help Cloud to be the last of the surviving member, so having a revival materia is recommended.
  • Barrier – Again, Cloud can provide good defense with the Iron Blade.
  • HP Up – An good choice as you’ll be playing Cloud defensively.
  • MP Up – MP Up gives Cloud the additional MP that he may need when supporting his allies.
  • Magic Up – It will increase the magic based damage and further strengthen your elemental attacks.
  • Parry – Parry adds to Cloud’s already solid defense.

Nail Bat

Location: Reward for completing the ‘Kids on Patrol’ side quest in Chapter 8.

Recommended Materia

  • Chakra Materia – As the bat has a low range, you’ll be head deep into fights. This will help you by keeping your HP full.
  • ATB Boost – As Cloud is a physical damage dealer, having ATB bars allows you to deal high damage when the enemy is staggered.
  • HP Up – Highly recommended as Cloud will always be up close and personal with the enemy.
  • Luck Up – The Nail Bat is good for scoring critical hits. This materia will get you higher chance of doing so.
  • Deadly Dodge – Since you’ll always be close range, this materia will allow you to throw dome extra hits after dodging..
  • ATB Stagger – Again, this will further boost your damage when the enemy is staggered.
  • Steadfast Block – As you have low range, you need to be prepared to have defence strong enough to fall back on in the midst of battle.

Hardedge Builds

Location: Buy it from the weapon shop in Wall Market.

Recommended Materia

  • Chakra – This will help you continuously restore your HP.
  • HP Up – More HP to stand more attacks. This will make your time in fierce fights easier.
  • Parry – This gives a defensive option allowing you some room to breath if you need some.
  • ATB Stagger – As the weapon has high damage, you are more likely to get staggers. This will help you to keep the onslaught going.
  • Steadfast Block -This will help you block out attacks, while regenerating  ATB.

Mythril Saber

Location: Buy it from the weapon shop in Wall Market in Chapter 14.

Recommended Materia

  • Fire, Ice, Lightning – This Sword will allow you to deal immense elemental spell damage.
  • Healing – Though Cloud is to be on Offensive players, but this build allows Cloud to also provide strong support.
  • Barrier – Again, Cloud is more than capable of supporting his allies with this weapon.
  • HP Absorption – This combined with strong spells allow you to regain most of your health.
  • MP Up: You need this as you’ll be going all-in on magic.
  • Magic Up: It will further increase your magic damage, making you even more lethal.

Twin Stinger

Location: Found in a purple chest that’s located in Chapter 17. You’re put in control of Cloud right in front of this chest after a cutscene.

Recommended Materia

  • Fire, Ice, Lightning – Similar to Mythril Saber, it also provides strong Magic buff.
  • Healing -Such support magics are worth it as you have a strong magic buff weapon.
  • Barrier -Cloud’s fully capable of supporting the party with Twin Stinger equipped.
  • Magnify – This allows Cloud to hit multiple targets with spells or heal multiple allies.
  • HP Absorption – Equip it to an elemental spell, hit weaknesses, and Cloud can be pretty tanky.
  • MP Up – A clear choice as you are magic oriented.
  • Magic Up – Boosting Cloud’s magic a little bit more.
  • Steadfast Block – As the weapon has a defensive play, this will help you accustom and be safe.

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