Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps Walkthrough

This guide covers the complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps Walkthrough and will help...

This guide covers the complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps Walkthrough and will help you deal with all the enemies you might encounter and the loot you can find.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 9: The Town That Never Sleeps

So in the beginning of FF7 Remake Chapter 9, Aerith will be there to stop you every time you leave the room. Eventually, you will be able to go out without her interruptions. As you head down the stairs, Elmyra will talk to you.

Head out of the main door then and turn right. Take the stairs up and go straight. Keep going straight until you meet the Housemother.

Turn right from here and go straight. Take a left then where two people are talking and make your way towards the wall marker.

In your way, you will meet Aerith again and she will join you from here. She will then tell you a shorter way to get to Sector 7 through a tunnel.

As you will go ahead, a destroyed area under the tunnel will be encountered. Take the ladder from here and fight the dragons in your way.

After fighting the dragon, head down through the ladder and use the Mechanic Arm to take Aerith up. She will open up the ladder for you and you should climb it then.

Fight the robot as you climb up and then go ahead. There will be another ladder ahead. Climb it down and take the narrow path to your left.

Go straight and climb another ladder up. You will encounter another flying enemy here.

Go ahead straight then and take the narrow opening in the tunnel. There will be another Robotic Arm here which you can control to climb up to the other end.

Go straight from here and when Aerith says ‘Over Here’, turn to your right and go backwards. There will be a small wooden bridge and a ladder at its one end.

Climb down the ladder and follow the main path. Make your way through the narrow paths and make sure you do not fall off. Go ahead and open the steel gate.

Fight the three stupid burglars here and go ahead by ducking down through the free area under the red gate. Eventually, as you go further, you will find another ladder to climb up.

As soon as you climb up, you will encounter two bandits and a robot. Stagger them to end their stories and go ahead.

There will be another destroyed area and a Robotic arm. Life up the containers blocking your way and place them to a side in the yellow box. Both of the containers should be placed on top of each other here.

So once both of you have crossed the path, a short cut scene will appear. There will be a ladder to your left. Climb up the ladder and you will encounter another group of bandits.

Make your way through the bandits and then make your way through the whole in the wall by ducking down.

As you go forward, you will eventually reach the Evergreen Park. A cut scene will appear here.

After the cut scene, head forward and join Aerith. She will ask you if you want to go further ahead, on your own. Make your decision and move on.

Another cutscene will appear where you will enter the passage back to Sector 7. A carriage will approach as the gate opens and Tifa will be riding it.

Aerith will join you again so start following her from here. As you go ahead, you will find the carriage.

Interact with its driver and Sam will come out. Tell Sam the description of Tifa and he will tell you Tifa’s whereabouts. She will be in Don Corneo’s Mansion.

Don Corneo’s Mansion
From here, head towards the Don Corneo’s Mansion. Head down the alley and make your way to the Wall Market. Head to the south west corner of the town from here and make your way up through the stairs.

You will find the Don Cornero’s Mansion ahead. Head into the mansion through main doors and soon you will encounter a bunch of people blocking your way.

From here you will have to head back and visit the locations of all these people. The Honeybee, the Chocobo Sam’s location and in the end, Madam M’s massage parlor.

Once you have met all three and tried your chances, go back towards the Don Corneo’s mansion. As you will climb the stairs, you will see a crowd gathered at an opening to the right.

Go inside the door and speak to the man to the left. A fight will be scheduled by Aerith here.

Take the lift from here and ride it down to Colosseum level. Head forward to the main hall from here and a cut scene will be triggered.

After the cut scene, go through the door to your left and head back to the hall. To your left, take the second door and head through it. Interact with Johnny there and your name will be recalled by Announcer.

There will be a liquid next to Johnny, which you can choose to taste or to leave. From there, head back to the hallway and you will see a man next to a large gate.

Go ahead and talk to him. The fight against the Beastmaster will start here.

Once you have dealt with the Beastmaster and his hounds, get back to the main hall and you may want to rest on the blue bench for a while.

After a short moment, another round of the fight will begin as your names will be recalled again. Return back to the man by the gate and start the fight.

After dealing with all of the low-lives, return to the hallway and another cut scene will be triggered.

After the cut scene, you and Aerith will be in the room with vending machine and the blue bench. Wait here for the Announcement for the final fight.

When announced, head to the hallway and then go to the man again to start the final fight. You will encounter two robots here – the cutter and the sweeper.

As you win the final round, you will face Madam M telling you that Don Corneo has decided for yet another final, final fight.

So when you feel ready, head back to the hallway and speak to the man by the door again.

This time, you will face the boss Hell House. This boss is pretty hard and you must use all the magical strategies against him, as he is immune to physical damage.

Once you have dealt with him, head back to Madam M’s massage parlor. She will dress Aerith here and will ask you to meet Chocobo Sam. So go out and head back to the entrance of Wall Market where you had previously met Sam.

After this, get back to parlor and look for Aerith. You will meet Johnny here who will tell you whereabouts of Tifa.

So follow him to Corneo’s mansion and speak to the head guard again. He will tell you to return with Aerith. So head out of the mansion. As you leave the mansion, another cut scene will be trigerred.

After the cut scene, Aerith will join you again. So head out from there and go to the Honeybee Inn. Go and speak to the receptionist and he will tell you that Andrea is expecting you.

Head through the door from here and go straight towards the rooms. Approach the Honeybees and interact with them.

After a cut scene, you will take part in a dance performance. You will have to match the timings with when the ring overlaps with the button to score good.

After the dance, you will get a makeover such as Aerith. You will then take control of Aerith. So turn left and walk ahead. You will find cloud in an alley ahead. Speak to him twice and a cut scene will appear. After which, you will be Cloud again.

Return to Corneo’s mansion then and go inside. Walk through the corridor and the door in front of you will automatically open.

There will be stairs to your right. Take the stairs and keep going through the doors which can be opened.

You will find Tifa here and she will join you too. Go straight ahead through another block of stairs and open the door to trigger another cut scene.

You will now take control of Tifa and Aerith from here. So head out the door and go into the main room.

Go to the second floor from here and then open the door in the middle. You will encounter some enemies here. Deal with them and then go ahead through the doors to reach Don Corneo’s room.

A cut scene will be triggered and your Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 9 will come to an end.