Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hell House Boss Guide

If you have played Final Fantasy VII then you will be aware of one of the strangest and unusual enemies...

If you have played Final Fantasy VII then you will be aware of one of the strangest and unusual enemies of the whole game, which is the Hell House. In the original game as well as in the remake you will face this enemy in the slums of Midgar but this time, the difference will be that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hell House Boss is a necessary requirement to progress in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hell House Boss

You will face the Hell House in chapter 9 of FF7 Remake after your numerous encounters in Sector 5 and we recommend you to have a good preparation for the boss fight.

There are three phases to the Hell House boss fight in FF VII Remake apart from the preparation that you are going to do pre-battle.

First, you need to know that you will be going to the fight arena with only Cloud and Aerith and you must know their role in the fight as they both are very important for the fight so use them properly.

The next thing is to make sure you have proper magic elementals equipped for both of them as your main elements are going to be Blizzard, Thunder and Fire. Also, make sure to have a healing element as it is impossible to win this fight without healing yourself so get the element, Cura.

Phase 1
Phase one of the Hell House boss fight will be quite simple. First you will be introduced to this strange enemy and then the fight will begin.

At first, the house will not do much, now is the time to chip away most of the health. Keep Cloud near the house and use him to do the damage with Cloud’s normal moves and use Aerith to throw the spells at the house to keep the damage flow going.

You should use Blizzard to pressure the house and then use Cloud’s focused thrust to stagger the house or knock it. One thing that we recommend you and the commentators will also mention is to keep an eye for House’s window colors and use the spells accordingly.

Here is the color scheme: If the windows are white use Fire, if green then use thunder, if red then use Ice and if yellow use wind. This way you will keep the house at bay for the first phase of the FF7 Remake boss fight.

Phase 2
When 1/3rd of the health of the Hell House is gone he will become mad and now the second phase starts. A cutscene will appear and then the house will start throwing things at you and now is the time to use most ranged attacks.

House will be on the move now as he will grow his hands and legs and will start moving towards you when raged faster and you will have to dodge him.

Keep an eye for all of his attacks as they can be overwhelming for any of your characters, also keep healing both the characters before it’s too late. Now the house will use elemental moves more and more like electrical or elemental attacks.

Your task is the same to just dodge is attacks and observe the windows to counter his elements, the difference is that now the fight will be more fast-paced and it will get faster as you progress through it.

There will also be a barrier that house will summon when overwhelmed by your attacks and this barrier is more or less impenetrable so keep an eye for that as well.

Attack him during the time he is charging his attacks and just after dodging his attack.

Phase 3
Well now you have made Hell House fully angry and his health is just 1/3rd left and now he will start flying. Not a surprise at this stage we say, he will fly and throw fireballs at you that you will have to dodge as they will take too much of your health.

First, switch to Aerith as those fireballs will hurt her the most and she will have to dodge and just then you will see a countdown on house as well.

Then the house will come back down and the second it comes back you will have to start hitting it again with the spells opposite to what it is showing in the windows.

One thing that you need to avoid at all costs is to avoid its crash landing otherwise it will be over 1000 damage that can be fatal.

Keep repeating the process and you will defeat the Hell House in Final Fantasy VII Remake.