Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung Walkthrough

This Final Fantasy VII Remake Walkthrough will go over Chapter 7: A Trap Is Sprung. We will guide you through what you need to do during Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung, what you can find and what kind of enemies you will have to battle.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung

Reach Mako Storage
Once the cutscene ends in which Cloud tells Barret and Tifa that they’re near the Mako storage, you should head forward along the path and then slide down the pipe to the lower level.

As soon as you’ve reached the bottom, you can find a chest to your left. This is filled with 3 Hi-Potions so collect them and then go back to Barret and Tifa. They will take a look at the new mechanized units that Shinra is manufacturing.

Run to the door on the other side of the room, but be sure to stop first and smash the boxes to your left for some useful items. Then regroup and pass through the door.

You will have to follow the tunnel until it leads you to the next area. Here you will encounter four Monodrives that you can defeat almost immediately with Wind-based attacks or just hitting them.

Slide down the ladder to your left and then proceed to loot the chest that contains 2 Echo Mist.  Proceed forward along the path to your left and you can find some boxes that you can smash to get smash.

Head down the stairs and you will have to battle 2 Slug-Rays and Monodrives each. Cloud’s sword and Barret’s gun should make quick work of them and then you can loot the chest for an Ether.

Reaching the Reactor Core
Use the ladder to go down to the lower level and proceed along the walkway. You will be ambushed by 2 Sweepers and 2 Laser Cannons so use spells such as Thunder to take out the latter.

The Sweepers can be taken out individually with little difficulty.

Head down the ladder to your right and go on the path around the left wall. You will come across a chest containing a Bulletproof Vest.

Loot it and then head down the ladder to the reactor core. Cloud will start having visions once you reach the reactor core platform.

He will see Tifa mourning as she mentions that she is sick of Mako, Shinra and everything that has happened.

She will then pick up the sword and start limping forward before the vision ends. Cloud decides not to tell Tifa or Barret about what he just saw.

Escaping The Reactor
Head to the main console and a cutscene will play in which Cloud’s allies hand him the bomb and detonator before telling him that they should get clear of the blast radius. Plant the bomb and then go back the way you came.

Heidegger will take away the ladder and then send out many Shock Troopers and the Elite Shock Trooper to kill you.  This would be the time to turn on Punisher Mode.

Slice and dice to stagger them until you’ve defeated them. Now you must escape through the sliding double doors and head towards the Assembly Hall.

Take out the 4 Security Officers and 2 Elite Security Officers you encounter before picking up the Sector 5 Reactor Keycard from the left side of the room.

Go to the the large screen and use it to find out what these people were up to. You will find out that they are still manufacturing the machine and that a few of its components are still in transit.  You get the idea to tamper with the loadout by using the console so go find it.

You will find the console on the right side of the room, so go to it and use the keycard to flag the M Unit for disposal. Now open the exit by using the terminal on the far side of the room.

This would be a good point to save the game.

Proceed through the hallway and you will have to fight 2 Monodrives and 2 Laser Cannons. Take care of them with Wind and Lightning attacks before going right towards B7.

You will find Elite Grenadiers, Officers, and more troops inside.  Take them out before picking up the keycard from the right side of the room.

You can find Lightning Materia inside some Shinra boxes in the right corner of the room. Smash them to pick it up.

From here, you will have to decide between using the Keycard to prevent the installation of AI Programming Cores, or to use it to keep the Big Bomber Shells from being installed.

After you’ve made your choice, you can use the terminal by the double doors to open up a new pathway through which you can continue your escape.

You will encounter more foes to battle. Once they’re dealt with, you can collect another keycard from the Shinra boxes to your right corner.

Head up the ramp and through the door and you will get to the supply room. Take out the 3 Elite Security Officers and 2 Security Officers with Fire and Triple Slash.

You can pick up another keycard from a crate on the left side of the room. You will now have to decide between getting rid of either the M Unit, AI Programming Cores, or Big Bomber Shells.

If you’ve got two keycards then you can remove two things.  Once you’re done you should open the doors via the terminal and then proceed forward to the next hallway.

There is a pile of Shinra boxes and a purple chest in the back left corner. The chest contains Tifa’s Sonic Strikers. Collect them before going to the path on the right side.

You will reach B5 which has four terminals so head inside and battle more Elite Grenadiers and Security Officers. You can find two more keycards on the left side and right-hand corner of the room.

Make your choice of diversion and then use the terminal next to the B5 door to open up a pathway. Go along the hallway and fight of the foes as you make your way to the hallway.

Finding The Airbuster
Go through the door and you will find several screens detailing the Airbuster’s status. Use the terminal on the right to open up the tunnel and then run up the hall to each the area containing the unfinished Airbuster.

You will encounter a bunch of Riot Troopers inside that can easily be dispatched with Fire and Bio spells. Once you’ve won the fight, you should go to Tifa and check how much of a danger the Airbuster will prove to be.

A Cutter will then appear through barricade and you will have to fight it. This enemy’s weakness is Lightning so use that to your advantage.

Focus on damaging its arms to bring it to Pressured status and then land hits in. Be careful though, since it will activate Rampage Mode upon regaining its composure.  You can avoid this by hitting the body with Thundara and then staggering it with Focused Thrust.

Get To The Elevator
After the Cutter has been taken care of, you should escape through where it arrived. Head up the platform to your right and you will find a few Shinra boxes as well as a chest.

You can collect an Ether from there before proceeding up the ramp.

You can make short work of the four Monodrives that you end up encountering before heading up towards the elevator. After reaching the top, use the terminal to open up the door to the control room.

The Control Room
You need to disable the emergency lock. Head to the control panel and use both analog sticks to move Barret and Cloud’s levers up at the same time as Tifa and open up another door.

Head right and use the terminal in the control room to open the door to the discarded equipment vault. Once you’re inside, you can collect the Magic Up Materia you find.

From here, go back to the main room and you will find a vending machine through the main door. You can use the vending machine to stock up on items and the blue bench to rest up. You’ll need to in order to prepare for the upcoming boss fight.

Airbuster Boss Fight
Equip Lightning Materia on everyone and bound it to an Elemental Materia for Barret. Enter the door on your left then head down the hallway to your right. You will run into President Shinra and the boss fight will start at the Sector 5 Reactor.

Attacks: Big Bomber, Multi Ray, Rear Gun, Bodyblow and Energy Ball

Weaknesses: Lightning

This boss fight will have a 25-minute timer since Heidegger has activated the bomb so you better wrap it quickly so that you still have time to escape.

The Air Buster is vulnerable to lightning so focus on using thunder spells to deal large amounts damage to it. However, the boss also deals massive damage to you so be sure to make use of Barret’s Lifesaver along with HP Up Materia and the Steelskin ability.

Start off the fight by accumulating about two ATB bars with Cloud and Tifa when Air Buster is close enough to melee. This will allow you to hit him with Thundara as he takes off.

Watch out for its Lightning-based attacks. If you see it start to charge its base with electricity, you need to dodge it. Watch out for the projectiles it launches since they can leave you stunned and vulnerable to its following attacks.

The Multi-ray beams are particularly troublesome since they are followed by the Big Bomber attack. This is enough to take out one character if their health is low enough.

After you hit the Air buster enough times, it will become staggered and the second phase of the boss fight will begin.

The Airbuster will initially be far away from you so use Barret to attack it when the boss is airborne. It will attack you with a Tankbuster beam that does a lot of damage so dodge to either the left or right and then take whatever opportunity you get to go closer to the boss.

Eventually, you will have dealt enough damage to bring the machine down and complete the fight. You will be rewarded with a Titanium Bangle and that will be the end of Chapter 7; A Trap Is Sprung.