Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 6: Light the Way Walkthrough

Chapter 6 of FF7 Remake is not only about killing the key enemies but it also includes finding the way to the different sectors of the facility. This complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 6: Light the Way Walkthrough includes all you need to know to finish the objective, kill the enemies and obtain loot.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 6: Light the Way

Chapter 6: Light the Way starts with a cutscene, so wait for the cutscene to end so that the real mission starts. The first objective is to find your way to section G for which as soon as the mission starts.

Head left and down the ladder to the lower level of the section. Turn left again and go through the narrow path to reach the other side where you will find Tifa and Barret already in front of the gate.

The door is closed because of power insufficiency so head to the control room, for which you can just follow Barret and Tifa. When you interact with the switch in the control panel you will be directed to turn off the sun lamp which is behind the locked door.

Head up the ladder and interact with the lever to turn it off which will open the door. In the next parts, you will face enemies that are weak to Ice and Lighting so equip the corresponding materia.

F-02 gate will open now. Proceed forward to G-02 where you will fight some Grashtrikes and then continue on the catwalk to your left to go to G-03.

Break the Shinra crates on your way. Keep going along the path of G-04 and go around the left side to find a chest containing hazardous material in it.

Go back down to the lower level. You will now see a blue materia across the path but you can’t get it as the path will collapse and you will have to find another way around, your new objective.

Equip yourself with Lighting and Wind Materia before proceeding as you will encounter some enemies now. Go around the area to your right to find the chest containing two antidotes.

Then go left to find the G-06 platform. You will encounter Blugu here. Blugu are weak to Thunder and Aero and they also inflict sleep ailment. Keep your teammates HP up so they don’t knock out.

Now you have to find your way to section H. Circle around the left across the G-07 platform and head down the stairs to reach another platform that takes a large pipe to fans. Destroy the Shinra boxes and follow Tifa along the pipe.

Now climb the ladder down to the catwalk, a cutscene will start here. Cloud will be attempting to activate the cargo platform but your power is not efficient so the next objective is to turn off the lamps taking up the power source.

Make your way to H-02 from the cargo life controls by going left and across the platform and then to left again. Kill the Grashstrikes here and head left on the platform to disable the first lamp. Go right to find a chest containing Phoenix Down.

The security system will be activated and will result in turrets firing which can be taken down by Tifa and Barret if you equip them with Lighting Materia.

Head back to the control panel and activate the moving platform. Move the platform to the left gate, get off and cross to the next platform. Terpsicolt is your new enemy here and is weak to Ice.

You can bring them to pressured and staggered stage by using melee attacks then activating punishing mode when they fly to cloud. Now go left to next platform which will lead you to H-04 where the second sun lamp is, shut it down too.

Let’s pick up the Blue Elemental Materia we left before. Climb down the ladder and destroy the Shinra boxes, then follow the path to two Queen Grashstrikes to kill them and now you can use the nearby terminal to access the vertically moving walkway.

Take it all the way down and obtain the purple MP Up Materia. Now move the platform to the main level, then cross it to reach platform H-07, where you can finally pick up the blue Elemental Materia.

Now to deactivate the third lamp, get off of the platform and circle around to left to find a new terminal. Use the terminal to move the platform down and then to left to find the pathway to third Sun Lamp.

You will have to face two Terpsicolts and a turret here, kill them using the Ice and thunder elements and finish them off by punisher modes.

Get up the ladder to deactivate the third lamp for this part of Chapter 6. Use the lift to go back to H-01 platform.

Now that the lift is operational its time to get the red materia! Take the lift to the right of the vending machine and cross the gap then climb the ladder to access the terminal.

The fans will be turned off now, clear the area of monsters and activate the console, you will see the red Materia here. Grab it and return to platform H-01.

Now you have to get ready for the ultimate fight of FF7 Remake Chapter 6 so top up your HP and MP. Use the lift to travel to to left side platforms.

Cross the gaps and head right where 2 Sentry Launcher, 2 Sentry Rays and 2 Sentry Gun prototypes await. Use the lighting damage attacks and end the fight as quickly as possible.

Once they are dead climb up the ladder and from the platform above go through the small tunnel to reach the Interplate utility access.

Once you are there head up another ladder and then right, destroy the Shinra boxes and follow the path through the doorway to meet Biggs.

You will be rewarded with 3 Hi-potions, 3 ethers, a new light machine gun for Barret. Use the Grapple guns he give you to destroy the reactors which will end FF7 Remake Chapter 6.