Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 10: Rough Waters Walkthrough

Chapter 10, Rough Waters, of Final Fantasy VII Remake begins with a cutscene where President Shinra, Heidegger, and Reeve are having a conversation. We have prepared a complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 10: Rough Waters Walkthrough to help you out with this part of the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 10: Rough Waters

After the cutscene ends, we see Cloud waking up in Sector 6 sewer which is Don Corneo’s mansion. You are going to wake Tifa up after which interaction between you two.

Soon Aerith is going to wake up from her unconscious state and a wild rumbling of the ground will follow. Your fight with Abzu boss is going to be triggered now.

Abzu Boss
The giant beast that Don Corneo keeps in the sewers. Much more intelligent than it appears, it uses the surrounding environment to its advantage and attacks with sewer water.

Magic attacks have only a slight effect on its stagger gauge, and ice attacks have no effect on the gauge at all.

  • Weakness / Status Ailments: Fire
  • Lesser Resistances: Ice
  • Immunities: Poison, Silence, Slow, Proportional Damage
  • Abilities: Bash and Smash, Charge, Ground Pound, Backwash, Backwash Spout, Provoke.

You all start from physical damage to the boss but along with that, make Cloud use the Fire spell on Abzu Horn.

Tifa’s Barrier attack and Aerith’s Sleep attack do pretty good damage to Abzu. These attacks affect the Pressured status of Abzu which causes him to lose balance and makes him open and vulnerable to your attacks.

Use the Divekick ability Tifa has and Arcane Ward ability of Aerith’s and of course, Cloud’s Fire spell on Abzu’s Horn.

This is going to do a lot of damage to Abzu but also, soon he’ll jump in the air and then smash over Cloud which will leave the character open for attacks. You can use the Unbridled Strength ability here and defend yourself against Abzu’s attacks.

Abzu uses Backwash Spout which causes small whirlwinds of Poison water to surround the battle arena. You have to dodge this attack and have your healer use Poison/Antidotes on whoever doesn’t have a Star Pendant equipped.

When Abzu activates the Fury status, it causes the characters to take on more damage than usual though this causes your Limit Break gauge to fill faster.

Reducing Abzu’s health to half is going to give him a new ability that is Triple Charge but it is going to lose its Provoke ability.

Do not change your strategy and soon you’ll be able to takedown Abzu and by the end, you can also summon Fat Chocobo to use against Abzu. Once Abzu is down, it will trigger a cutscene.

A new pathway is going to be revealed when Abzu smashes itself in a wall and breaks it. Go inside of it and at the end of the tunnel, you will find a chest with Ether in it.

Tifa is going to take you further ahead of where you are going to come across an enemy called Sahagin.

Aquatic creatures that have taken up residence in the sewers. They are intelligent enough to have created their own language, and they defend their territory with harpoons of their fashioning.

Fire or ice spells rapidly fill their stagger gauge, while physical attacks have little effect on them.

Ice attacks are best to fill their stagger gauge but their Harpool attack causes the struck Party member to turn into Toad. Use your spells and physical attacks to quickly take down the enemy.

As you keep moving forward and take a left, you come across some Shinra boxes piled up in front of you.

Also, there is a ladder there which is going to take you to a level above where you are going to find x2 Hi-Potions. Move ahead and go to Tifa and Aerith who are waiting for you by a sewer pump lever. You have to pull that lever to drain all the water.

Take the stairway which is going to take you to the area which was previously flooded then find the purple chest that has the Feathered Gloves for Tifa.

Go back and join Aerith and Tifa and then find the blue bench and vending machine around the corner that has Music Disc #9 – The Oppressed.

Go to the next tunnel and descend the ladder to the room where you will be attacked by three Wererats. Head to the tunnel at your left and enter another room where you will encounter another enemy, Scissorclaws.

They are large crustaceans that dwell in the sewers. They feed on dead bodies that are washed down into the sewers.

They are rather territorial, attacking any and all intruders they see with their giant claws. Ice attacks rapidly fill their stagger gauge. These have greater resistance to Physical damage but all in all they are very easy to take out.

There is an open door in front of you. Take the stairs to reach a fork in the path and then take a left path which will cause you to move slowly as it is dark ahead.

Go across the bridge and take the stairs up to the next room, then take a right. You have to enter the room with the power generator to turn it on and destroy the Shinra boxes.

Go to your right and you will see stairs that will take you to a room with two more Scissorclaws.

Once you defeat them, find the lever and use it to drain the water down. Take the ladder to go under the bridge to find the Sewer Key.

Retreat to the generator room but head inside the room beside Stamp Graffiti. The sewer key you found is to unlock the door and the pathway will lead you to the end of Sector 6.

Take a right and keep going forward which will bring you in front of a Blugu and two Wererats. Once you take them all out, take left and go forward to find a ladder.

Descend the ladder and go ahead to find Shinra boxes which you have to destroy. Then find the lever to pull down and drain the water to head down and find more Blugu and Scissorclaws.

Once you defeat them, use the gate to enter a new area. Again, take down the Blugu and Scissorclaws and use the ladder to climb up and pull down the green lever to lower the gate and climb the ladder.

Take two rights from there and you will find Poison Materia on the ground. Enter through the gate you lowered and take the ladder.

Destroy the Shinra boxes if you haven’t yet and then again take the ladder.

Take a left from there that will make you encounter another Sahagin. Defeat it and then use the ladder on your right to climb and pull down the lever you find to raise the water level in the area.

A new way is going to be opened and when you pass through it, a cutscene is going to be triggered. Climb one more ladder and turn left to trigger one more cutscene.

Take the hallway to reach a blue bench and a vending machine. Take what’s necessary and then go straight through the hallway to descend the ladder.

Go to the main room and ahead you will find three Wererats and a chest with 2 Orbs of Gravity.

Retreat to the previous room and use the door you see on the left. There are going to come to a few enemies in the way along with some Shinra boxes but you need to go to the new area and you are going to reach Sector 7.

Reach the power generator and switch it on but you will come to know that there is a blockage restricting the flow of water.

Tifa is going to activate the meter and then Aerith and Tifa both try to manipulate the pump. Once it’s fixed, return to the main room where Cloud is and turn on the switch again.

When you go out, two Sahagin attacks you. You need to defeat them and then take the ladder on the right to reach the lower level.

Take a right and destroy the Shinra boxes and kill the two Blugu and one Sahagin.

To your left, you will find a ladder that you have to climb and then move around where you will face three more Sahagin.

Kill them and then go to the ladder which will trigger a cutscene and you have successfully completed Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 10: Rough Waters.