Final Fantasy 7 Remake A Dynamite Body Walkthrough

There are many random occurrences, as there should be in an RPG, in Final Fantasy VII Remake. In this walkthrough, we will talk about one such quest and present you with a detailed Final Fantasy 7 Remake A Dynamite Body guide.

There are various quests in FF7 Remake that will require a certain set of pre-requisites being completed before they even show up on the radar.

A Dynamite Body is a side-quest that won’t exactly just show up on the map. We will be guiding you through everything you need to pay attention to in order to obtain and complete the side-quest.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake A Dynamite Body

Getting the Quest

  • Look at Johnny Incident “Vagabond Johnny” when you see him at the start of chapter 9. Select the ‘Yeah’ option when you talk to him.
  • Give 500 Gil for the massage treatment at Madam M’s.
  • Compliment Aerith’s dress by saying ‘It’s alright’.
  • Gamble and call in ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’ prior to the coin toss by Sam.

Talk to Sam
Go to Sam near the bazaar, and once you have the side-quest, go to the Colosseum and talk to the Gatekeeper. Select the special match, and get ready to face off against some enemies. The quest is rather simple, defeat all enemies to complete the quest.

Bomb Enemies
A key information regarding these special enemies is that if you attack them whilst they’re using a flame-type attack, you will have a higher chance to stagger them and break them off-balance. At this point, unleash all the damage you have to finish them off.

They will use the following abilities during battle,

  • Inflame
  • Fireball
  • Apoptosis
  • Swell

No current weaknesses are known, but even without them, you should be able to take them out pretty easily.

Return to Sam
Once you defeat the enemies, talk to Sam who has shown up at the Colosseum. He will reward you with

  • Arcane Scepter
  • HP and MP restored

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