Final Fantasy 16 Through The Maelstrom Walkthrough

The Through the Maelstrom quest in Final Fantasy 16 has you pursue Jill who has been taken away. You will battle through a ship to rescue her.

The quest Through the Maelstrom quest in Final Fantasy 16 takes you aboard Mid’s ship named the Enterprise.

You’ll be speeding past and eventually catch up to the Black Galleon. The ship will ram it and Clive will disembark and board the Galleon. He will be looking for Jill as Joshua will be busy finding Odin.

The problem is that there’s a whole bunch of enemies between you and your target. Here is how you can take them out and complete Through the Maelstrom quest in FF16.

How to complete Through the Maelstrom in FF16 

In order to start the quest of Through the Maelstrom in Final Fantasy 16, you need to board the Black Galleon.

Clive will be taken there on Mid’s ship the Enterprise. There are a number of objectives for this quest. We have discussed them down below. 

Aboard to Black Galleon 

Once you are on board, you will confront 4 Royal Osfreyr. You need to defeat these enemies to proceed. As you’re done with them, a second wave will begin.

This time it’ll be just three regular Osfreyr and a Royal Gandfreyr. Your focus should be on Gandfreyr to cut magic out of the equation and then move on to the Osfreyr.

Upon finishing the second wave, the third wave will come in and now you will need to defeat Tongvaldr.  

Once you are done with all three waves, look for the door on the left side of the boat. Take it and go inside where you will see the stairs. Take them and reach the top gate to the ship. 

Fight on the top deck

You will observe a battle between Joshua and Barnabas and then the first wave of monsters will attack you.

This wave consists of multiple Royal Osfreyr, two Royal Gandfreyr, and one Royal Folkstaf. The right strategy is to kill Gandfreyr at first and then move on to Osfreyr and lastly to focus on Folkstaf. 

The second wave arrives after the first one and this includes one Osfreyr, one Gandgreyr, one Sveithvaldr, and one Sigfreyr. It will be easy to win the battle if you start with Gandfreyr, then Osfreyr or Sigfreyr, and the last, attack on Sveithvaldr. 

The third wave begins once Sveithvaldr comes down to half HP. This wave will come with a Sifreyr, a Gandfreyr, and an Osfreyr. This is the time to best utilize your AOE Eikonic ability to bring down all three monsters and then focus on Sveithvaldr. 

Go below deck

Once you killed all the monsters, return to the end of the boat to open the gate and get down to the deck. Once you go down the stairs and enter the door, you will confront enemies making a hole in the ship. 

Rush into the room where you will able to find a Gandfreyr and a Sigfreyr. Target them at first and then focus on the rest of the enemies

Once you wipe out all the enemies from the room, enter the door and rescue Jill from lock up. Now as you move to leave the boat, Barnabas will be standing there and you need to beat him to proceed.

Slay Barnabas 

Barnabas is a big enemy with magical spells and the ability to teleport. He also has a sword and a wave of magic attack that you can avoid by dodging away. He charged up and then lunges. 

Barnabas has the ability to resist damage to some extent. He has a few attacks that will seem familiar to you. The game will provide you with adequate warning when an attack is coming. So make sure to move out of the way when that happens.

Once are done defeating Barnabas, you will get the following rewards. 

  • 2 Meteorite 
  • 100 Bloody Hide 
  • 6700 Gil 
  • 6500 XP 
  • 500 Ability Points 
  • 100 Steelsilk 
  • The Will of Light accessory 

Go to Hideaway 

Next, you need to destroy the Mothercrystal, and for that, you need to travel to the Hideaway. Get to the world map and click on the Hideaway. This is where the quest of Through the Maelstrom comes to an end in Final Fantasy 16.

Through the Maelstrom rewards in Final Fantasy 16 

Unfortunately, no rewards will be provided to you as finished all the objectives in the quest of Through the Maelstrom in Final Fantasy 16 but you will always get some precious things when you successfully defeated Barnabas. 

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