Final Fantasy 16 Sunrise, Sunset Walkthrough

Sunrise, Sunset is the first named quest in Final Fantasy 16 and it starts right after finishing the combat tutorial...

Sunrise, Sunset is the first named quest in Final Fantasy 16 and it starts right after finishing the combat tutorial with Lord Murdoch in the flashback sequence. Sunrise, Sunset in Final Fantasy XVI is a part of the prologue section and it takes place 13 years prior to the main storyline of the game. This section of the game shows a much younger Clive and his interaction with his royal family members.

Final Fantasy 16 Sunrise, Sunset walkthrough

Sunrise, Sunset main quest in FFXVI basically consists of three parts. Two full-length cutscenes and a small movement tutorial section sandwiched between them. The cutscene shows Clive’s father returning home with his army while Clive has an estranged relationship with his mother, the Queen of Rosaria.

This sequence also introduces Chocobos as the preferred rides for nobles and warriors. Clive is then being summoned to the throne by the King, his father.

The next section deals with the movement tutorial and serves as the first introduction to the kingdom of Rosaria. Clive can activate his animal instinct with R3 to find the direction of his objective. Accompany Jill and Torgul through the encampment to reach a set of stairs to your right.

Final Fantasy 16 Sunrise, Sunset

Clive bumps into a Bearer who has just dropped one of his apples. Clive kindly returned the apple and this segment shows his kind side towards the commoners of the kingdom.

Pass through a couple of doors to reach the Down Gardens area in FFXVI. Joshua, Clive’s younger brother, can be found idling beside some flowers. You can interact with him for some additional dialogues. Otherwise, proceed through the courtyard to reach the throne room. The game presents another tutorial where players need to hold R2 to open or move big objects.

Final Fantasy 16 Sunrise, Sunset

Another cutscene starts as soon as Clive enters the Throne room. He and his father discuss the dire state of the nation and the impending war against the Iron Kingdom. Clive is then assigned to kill goblins in Stillwind Marshes by his father and Commander Murdoch.

Clive is dismissed from the throne room to get some rest for the next day. Turn right to find a set of stairs leading to the upper floor. Follow the red marker to climb another set of stairs to your left whose entrance is guarded by a shield (protectors of the realm). Enter the room to start the next cutscene.

It sheds light on the history of Rosaria in FFXVI and how a monarch is selected to rule the throne. The Sun sets with Clive finally hitting the bed. The next Sunrise is followed by Clive leaving for Stillwind alongside a couple of aids, and his father to the North with his army and Joshua. This marks the end of Sunrise, Sunset quest in FF16 and starts the first proper quest of the game, Lost in A Fog.

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