How To Get Stained Loincloth In Final Fantasy 16 

The Stained Loincloth is a rare crafting material found from only one place in Final Fantasy 16. It's tricky to get this. Here's how to do it

The Stained Loincloth is a rare crafting material in Final Fantasy 16 that is found in only one location. You will have to kill the Pandemonium Notorious Mark. You will find very little information about this target from the Hunt Board, other than its location.

You’ll need find where the Pandemonium is located, defeat it, and then loot the Stained Loincloth afterward. Here is how you do it.

Stained Loincloth location in Final Fantasy 16 

To find Pandemonium, you need to make your way to reach the Kingdom of Waloed. Once you reach there, make your way to the South toward the castle in Skaithfarr. You’ll get here during the Footfalls in Ash main quest.

An easier way to get to Pandemonium is to first use fast travel to reach The Shadow Coast Obelisk. Then, take the road leading to the north which will lead you to Skaithfarr Village. Stay towards the left and you will see a path leading towards an arena. Approach the doors and the boss will appear.

This boss is quite powerful, so keep in mind to equip Clive properly and keep many potions. You’ll also want to hit at least level 40 to make this a fair fight. Take him down and you’ll get the Stained Loincloth.

How to defeat Pandemonium in FF16 

Pandemonium is a tough boss to take down. As such, you have to be cautious in fighting with him. Dodge his attack of Sanguine Rite which you can do by making your way out of the energy circles.

Keep an eye out for his energy beam because it can bring you down in just seconds. Other than that, keep dodging his attacks and hit him in return. Repeat the process until he dies and you will receive the Stained Loincloth in Final Fantasy 16.

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