Final Fantasy 16 Producer Believes Ghost Of Tsushima Was Best Game Of 2020

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has now gone on record saying that he believes that Ghost of Tsushima was the best game of 2020. Yoshida said this in an interview with the Japanese gaming magazine 4Gamer when asked what he believed, in his opinion, was the most impressive game of 2020.

Yoshida justified his reasoning by saying that he had learned a great deal from the game, and that it was overflowing with love for Akira Kurosawa’s work. The game included a camera mode called Kurosawa Mode in honor of the acclaimed Japanese filmmaker, whose cinematography the game imitates heavily.

While Naoki Yoshida is credited with rescuing Final Fantasy 14 from its bad first iteration and has now been put in charge of the next mainline entry for the game, he’s not the first Japanese game developer to rave about Ghost of Tsushima, despite it being a Western game.

Alongside the Final Fantasy 16 producer, Toshihiro Nagaoshi, creator of the Yakuza franchise, also expressed his praise for the game. Ghost of Tsushima goes into stunning detail and accuracy about the titular island, giving players a chance to play a concept that was very rare among Western games; to be a samurai, along with an actual period-accurate ninja.

The environments and style of the game also helped it to win Best Art Direction at The Game Awards back in December, and be nominated for multiple other categories including Game of the Year, Performance, Audio Design, Narrative, and Best Action-Adventure.

Final Fantasy 16 has made waves of its own since it was unveiled at the Playstation 5’s last presentation during the Summer of Gaming as a title for the Playstation 5. Along with expressing his admiration for Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida also said we would be getting more information about the game later this year.