Final Fantasy 16 Litany Of Errors Walkthrough

In the "Litany of Errors" side quest, you decide to go to Ash to retrieve something important for a new recruit in Final Fantasy 16.

“Litany of Errors” is another one of the several side quests that you can start after taking on the main campaign quest, Back to Their Origins, in Final Fantasy 16.

In this side quest, you have to deal with a new recruit named Herman who has set his mind to go to Ash to retrieve something very important. Since it is a dangerous calling, you try to talk him out of it. However, in the end, you decide to go in his place.

How to complete Litany of Errors in FF16

Your first take is to speak with Konrad and Natalie who can be found at the tavern. Clive will warn them about the bandits who are approaching the town gate.

Make your way to the Badbach Conservatory through the wilderness. As you get closer to the Conservatory, you will notice the bluish hue in the air.  

Search the Conservatory for the Registry

Now you need to search the Conservatory and look through all the documents in the building as part of your next Litany of Errors objective in Final Fantasy 16.

You will find a suicide note that will direct you to a white tree shaped like a fork. This tree can be found at the back of the main building. After reaching it a cutscene will pay in which Clive with dig out the Registry from the Tree’s roots.

Slay the Akashic

Kill all the Akashic in the marked area. As the fight starts, all of them are grouped in a small area. Use an AOE attack to deal massive damage. This will make the fight much easier.

One of the enemies is a Giant Akashic Gunnvaldr. He is armed with a large fire cannon that can deal burn damage. He has a lot of HP so clear all the other enemies before fighting him.

Take the Register back to the Atrium. Give it to Herman so he can see the names of his fallen friends.

Litany of Errors rewards in Final Fantasy 16

Although you don’t get any Gil or Ability points from this quest, you get a massive amount of XP points.

This quest doesn’t grant Gil a reward, but all the other rewards make up for it. Following are all the rewards you receive after completing Lines of Sand II:

  • XP: 9,600
  • Ability Points: 100
  • Renowns: 40
  • Items: The Breath of Ice (1x)

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