Final Fantasy 16 Lines Of Sand I And II Walkthroughs

"Lines of Sand" is a two-part questline in Final Fantasy 16 where you are tasked to protect villages from outlaws and bandits.

“Lines of Sand” is a two-part questline in Final Fantasy 16 where you are tasked to protect villages from outlaws and bandits.

You can start Lines of Sand I by speaking with L’ubor at the Dalimil Inn after you have completed the “Across the Narrow” story quest. Speak with him again afterward to start Lines of Sand II once you are doing the main story quest, Back to Their Origin.

Both quests have the same objectives and take place in the same Dhalmekian Republic region. The only difference is that you have to protect a village from the League of Outlaws in the first quest and from the Akashic Bandits in the second one.

How to complete Lines of Sand I in FF16

After starting this quest, you will be directed to Viktor who is waiting for you at the eastern gate that leads to Velkroy Desert. It is near the Dalimil Inn in the northeast direction. Viktor will reveal the bandit camp’s location.

Head for the bandit camp upriver

After talking to Viktor, you must travel up the river Velkroy to reach the bandit’s camp. Once you reach there, a wave of bandits will charge at you.

The are 12 bandits in total, eliminate them all to proceed. These enemies are around level 30 so they can be easily taken care of.   

Speak with Konrad and Natalie in the tavern

Once the camp has been cleared of all bandits, you will be tasked to visit the nearby tavern. There you must talk to Natalie and Konrad who will reveal a secret about L’ubor.  

Following that, return to L’ubor and tell him about your findings. He will be waiting for you at the Dalimil Inn.

How to complete Lines of Sand II in FF16

Your first take is to speak with Konrad and Natalie who can be found at the tavern. Clive will warn them about the bandits who are approaching the town gate.

Head to the southern town gate. There you need to speak with Ferda. Clive will tell him that Konrad and Natalie do not believe that the bandits are coming.

Head for Ceratina

Ceratina is located on the northern edge of the Velkroy Desert. A group of Akashic Bandits is waiting for you there.

Slay all the bandits in the marked area. Most of the enemies you will be fighting are normal Akashic Footpads (Lv. 40). However, there is one very tanky enemy known as Akastic Gentleman. It wields a giant axe and has a large HP.

Lines of Sand rewards in Final Fantasy 16

By completing Lines of Sand I, you get a massive amount of XP points but sadly you don’t get Gil or Ability points.

  • XP: 2,800
  • Renown: 30
  • Items: Meteorite(1x) and Magicked Ash(120x)

In the case of Lines of Sand II, here are your completion rewards:

  • XP: 7,200
  • Renown: 40
  • Items: Meteorite(1x), Briar’s Kiss Signboard(1x), and The Breath of Light Impulse (1x)

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