Where To Find The Leviathan In Final Fantasy 16

If you are wondering where to find the location of the Leviathan Eikon in Final Fantasy 16, we have some bad news for you.

The Leviathan Eikon has made numerous appearances in the past Final Fantasy franchises. With this being such a popular and powerful water-based summon, many players look forward to finding it in Final Fantasy 16.

If you’ve watched the game’s trailer or have played it a little bit, you might have seen its picture presented on the Mural. However, despite the reference, is the Leviathan still included in Final Fantasy 16? Let’s find out.

The Leviathan’s location in Final Fantasy 16

Despite the numerous mentions of Leviathan in FF16, the Eikon never makes an appearance in the game. However, just because it doesn’t make an appearance doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist at all.

The Leviathan is shown both on the Collector’s Edition Box and on the Eikon Murial. In the trailer, Joshua mentions the Eikon as “Leviathan the Lost” while looking at the mural, which means that it may have disappeared before the story’s time.

However, players can still find and interact with the rest of the seven Eikons mentioned – Leviathan being the only exception.

Though the game may have left the Warden of the Water’s story hanging, there is a possibility that it might be featured in future DLC. Until then, there is no possible way you can find the Leviathan in Final Fantasy 16.

Square Enix is not known to leave out content that fans are highly anticipating. Hence, keep your fingers crossed that the developer comes around to surprise you all by slipping the Leviathan into FF16.

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