How To Defeat Knight Of Blinding Dawn In Final Fantasy 16

The Knight of Blinding Dawn in Final Fantasy 16 is a boss at the end of the quest Flight of a Fledgling. The fight begins as soon as you ...

The Knight of Blinding Dawn in Final Fantasy 16 is a boss at the end of the quest Flight of the Fledgling. The fight begins as soon as you open the castle door. A short cutscene shows the knight perched on his toes on a minaret. The knight jumps down with his Lance pointed toward Clive, and the game prompts you to push R1 to get out of harm’s way. The knight starts the fight by landing and asking for a dance.

This knight is a bloodthirsty soldier who will stop at nothing to see Clive at the end of his Lance. To defeat the Knight of the Blinding Dawn, we have carefully observed and broken his movements into simple steps so that you can beat this boss in Final Fantasy 16.

Commander Murdoch in FFXVI is still with you and also helps in this fight. The Knight starts a flurry of attacks which gradually become harder to dodge.

Knight of Blinding Dawn attacks in FF16

To defeat the Knight of the Blinding Dawn in FF16, you must first know about his attacks. The sooner you have an understanding of his attacks, the better you will fare. Another boss later in FF16, Knight of the Dying Sun, also uses similar attacks so think of this as training for that fight.

Below are all of his attacks explained briefly;

  • Lance Thrust: The Knight steps back, gaining a reasonable distance. Then he lunges forward with the Lance pointed towards Clive. Players can dodge this attack by evading to the sides or maximizing the distance between them.
  • Swing Attack: The knight uses his Lance to draw two circles around him. This enables anything in its way to be destroyed. Players can evade this attack by stepping back or jumping high using the stomp.
  • Jumping strike: The Knight of Blinding Dawn in FF16 will jump in the air and attack downwards. Players can evade this attack by getting out of the landing spot.
  • Jump: The Knight will jump very high and land precisely on the spot where Clive is standing. A bolt of lightning will determine the location of his landing. Players will have mere seconds to evade this attack by changing positions.
  • Double Jump: The Knight will perform the trick above but twice. The words “Double Jump” will appear on the screen as the knight performs this move.

How to defeat Knight of Blinding Dawn in Final Fantasy 16

Some may consider defeating this Knight difficult, but it is not difficult once you read his moves. If your parrying skills are weak, you can always equip the Ring of Timely Evasion in FFXVI. This ring will automatically dodge the attacks.

Patience is a critical element in this fight. You must time your attacks according to the Knight’s moves in FF16. Use ranged attack extensively, and if you are an up-close fighter, use the Pheonix Shift to close in on the Knight.

Watch out for the attacks mentioned in the points, as they can be a perfect opportunity to use Precision Counter. These counters can deal a significant amount of damage.

Keep an eye out for his Will Meter as well. It will be a yellow bar beneath his health bar. It will gradually decrease as your attacks chip away at his health. Once at the halfway point, the Knight of Blinding Dawn will be momentarily Staggered.

But once empty, the Knight in FFXVI will be fully Staggered and on his knees. He will require time to recover completely, so make good use of this opportunity and inflict the deadliest damage possible.

Another thing to look out for is when the Knight of Blinding Dawn in FF16 is Staggered for the first time; he will make a cinematic move by throwing his Lance at you. Use the Square button when the prompt appears to dodge and parry this attack during the cutscene.

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